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Feedback on my store

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Hi there 

I opened my store from 4 months ago and advertised alot of ads also have instagram account for my store 17k followers but I am not having more than 20 visitors a day and no sale.

I feel that I'm doing a few things wrong. Can I have some feedback please?

My website is


Best regards 

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Hi @darknesshub

Just take a look at your store and have some suggestions for you: 

- The banner is too big and doesn't have good quality. Try to make it smaller and add the CTA button on it. 


-  This section needs to redesign.


- Allow your customers to see more details of your products faster by adding Quickview buttons. 


- You are having too many sections that show products. I think one or two are suitable.

- The first product photo on the product page is too big. And when I watch the last photo, I'm unable to see other photos by using the slider.


- Instead of only "Follow us on Instagram" text, you can create the gallery to show your products and also tag your products on photos to increase your sales.


You can see the example here: 


You this app Shoppable Instagram Gallery if you want to try to create one. 

-  You need to resize some thumbnails on your blogs


- And the last thing is that your site loading time, can try to figure out the reasons and fix that. 

Hope this helps!

Happy selling,


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