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Feedback on store as a shopper or developer or human PLEASE

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Hi all,


Just spent 2 weeks playing around with Shopify to get my store live

Initially I didn't have a landing page, but my load speed was slow because landing straight on the product page has a lot of HUGE images (due to my phone). Now I have a landing page and I think it is much better.


However I would like your thoughts on all areas of the store. Do you think it is easy to navigate? Is the reason to believe in the item large enough?

Do you think a reviews section is important? I have one added, but I obviously need to focus on building those vs SEO vs getting the word out.     

What do you think my next steps should be? I haven't really done anything with the metadata, probably could do better alt text on images, do you think a blog is worth while? 


Literally anything you can provide would be helpful!


Many thanks,

Mums Masks 

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You did a great job actually. The page speed is really good!

My feedback:

  • I think a blog can be really good but you have to be quick since other mask stores are doing this for a while. If you want to rank well, you should start early. You can look at this post to learn about my SEO process with the store I sold.
  • I think you should edit the story since it doesn't tell a personal story.
  • The landing page includes only some testimonials and 2 browse masks elements. I think you can add more elements such as a catalog of masks. To do that you have to add more products, of course.

You have to use analytics to see where your visitors spend the most time and where they drop off. If you want to do that without coding you can use my last startup after selling my Shopify store. It is called HockeyStack and you can use EMAIL25 to earn a discount.

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Hey there @MumsMasks ! Your store looks pretty fine, here is what I'd like to suggest from a marketer as well as customer's point of view - 

1. When I'm at your product page, I cannot navigate back to the homepage because there's no home button in the header menu! Kindly add a home option in your header menu! 



2. You can come up with a carousel form of product showcasing on your homepage! Why have a static group of images when you can have a carousel look/feel at your store? 

3. You can add the burst out effect on your products so that as soon as my cursor is on the images, they either burst out or smoothly zoom in! 

4. You can also have a blog section added to your store. Try and talk more about your products .. this way you'll also be ranking on the SERPs provided that you're doing your keyword research well. 

I personally love your favicon out there! It's clearly visible in my address bar and that's great!  Rest, everything looks good. !!

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All the best for your eCommerce journey! .-. 

Wish you luck with your Shopify journey! Cheers! .-. 

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