Feedback please! 1k sessions - no sale!

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I have created this Shopify store it is in polish language but maybe you can tell me what is wrong with it. The language is without gramma mistakes, wrote by a copywriter and I have to say, even me when I read it I'm willing to buy this product, so it is no about the text. I promote this website to "engaged buyers" and people interested in teethcare. In my personal opinion the shop look very nice and doesn't look scammy at all. I really don't understand what am I doing wrong and it is so frustrating.

There is already a big company in USA successfully selling this product so I think that the product is good. What do you think about the website? As I can see the bounce rate is enormous - 95%, what does it mean? Did I choose a wrong audience? I will be glad for a feedback! 

I have made a good professional video ad and the cost content view is 0,05$. Tell me please how can I improve the bounce rate and what do you think about the store too.

Thanks, Lucas!

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Hey Lucas!

There are a few things that I can suggest:

Currently you are only marketing to people who speak Polish. To expand your potential customer base I'd suggest one of two things:

  1. Use an app that allows customers to select a different language OR
  2. Create a separate store that is in English

English is the language of trade, even in Europe. With having your site in Polish, you limit your options and hurt your store's SEO. If you do decide to use an app to allow different languages, I'd highly recommend making English your primary site language. You can use the fact that your product is from Poland as a marketing scheme; lots of people in North America trust European products, especially those that are new and revolutionary.

Once that is done, setup Google Analytics. This will give you a better picture of what customers from which countries are most interested in your product. This can help improve your marketing and ads.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @michaleklukasz

Have seen your store and have some comments for you: 

- You're selling 3 types of products but the toothbrush is your priority product, right? 

So I think you need to have a Landing Page to show this product, not a normal homepage. 

You can check this example: Shoppable Instagram Gallery by AllFetch

Some tips for the amazing landing page:

+ You need to highlight the features of your product

+ Have some amazing title (you can ask your copywriter for this part)

+ Have CTA buttons

+ Have testimonials (reviews for example)

+ Be clear in price


- Your products are quite long to see all the descriptions. So adding a Sticky add to cart is a good solution to help your customers to add products easier. 

- I can see many real-life photos in your review section. Maybe you can try to post them an Instagram account and have an Instagram gallery on your store. It will help you increase your social proof and also show your customers how people are using your products. 

Can check the app that is mentioned above. It will help you do that. 

Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 



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Hi @michaleklukasz 

Just had a look at your store. Based on my initial research, I can confirm that unfortunately, your store is not getting real traffic. The 1k sessions you are getting are maybe the bots traffic and that is the reason for the bounce rate and lack of conversions. There is no real audience on the store rather it seems auto-clicks. To fix this, you need to do on-site SEO of your website. I would recommend hiring any professional to do this job. I can arrange a free audit for you though as I know a company that is expert on this. You can inbox me. 

Once you start getting some real traffic then you can implement further strategies to convert your visitors into paying customers.

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but this is my traffic - I run Facebook ads :L