Feedback wanted + Loads of traffic but no selling

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Hello everybody!
I have been online about one month with my store and sell the same stuff as i did in my old store, I use the same images and same pictures and texts. The only thing new is the domain and product name.

I used to run and had huge problems getting traffic but i sold to a very high rate seen per visitor. Now i ger stunningly high traffic but almost no sales. + 300 a day.
During this period i have had one abandoned checkout.

The reason i changed name was a name conflict. The new name is taken for its very german appearance. My items are for BMW brand motorcycles and german names are kind of exotic to my main customer group, USA. I sell good att ebay but almost none on shopify. My customers on Ebay are happy to put my logo on thier bikes. So, i figure the name is not wrong.


Now this item i sell is self made and i target a crazy small audience. This item is basically for one motorcycle make. One of their models and almost just for one of its accessories. I sell form cut adhesive vinyls to protect from scratches. However this model is sold over the million so i got a few customers out there.

Now, what do i do wrong in my store?

Please see it here

Thank you!


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