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Good evening,

I would appreciate some feedback on my site.  I’ve been working on content for the past 8 weeks, reading Shopify articles and trying to improve as much as possible.

Thank you!

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Hi @LB15

Have seen your store and here is my view:

- Your banner isn't having a CTA button, and the text can be hard to see. 


- Add the Featured Products section on your homepage. 

- Move the email registration section to the bottom of your home page. 

- Create the sticky bar on your page, don't waste space for only this announcement. 


- All the banners have to have CTA buttons. 


And in my opinion, you can try to create an Instagram gallery and tag your baking ingredients products on those photos.

You can see an example: 


If you want to create one, check out this app: Shoppable Instagram Gallery 

- Add live chat support to have better customer service. 

- I don't any discount events. You can try to have one. The discount event will increase your sales faster. 

Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 



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Hello @LB15 

I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Page Builder. First of all, congratulations on your store. So I've checked this product page of yours and I have a few feedback on it, and I hope it helps

1. Header

Firstly, your menu bar could be more diversified to optimize your product page. You have some essential tabs: Home, Shop.  I would suggest you add some more tabs such as: Contact us, featured collections, FAQs, or even product categories. That will make your customers to get to know you better. Therefore, their buying journey is much more enjoyable.

Secondly, the search bar is a little bit hard to see. The use of only an icon, its size, and nearby competing elements impact the field’s visibility.

2. Return Policy

Customers get hesitated to shop online because they are not able to fully see, hold, or test a product before buying it. Return and exchange policy should be findable on product page.The actual return policy, in particular the duration and the payment of return shipping, is highly impactful to site conversions. However, you should take extra care to make your policy easy-to-read and clear for customers.

Screenshot of ROCKER SHOULDER BAG WITH FLAP _ ZARA United Kingdom.jpg


3. Images 

I can see you invested in your product images, which is good. Your image is high quality, "in scale" and show fully products from various angle. However, it could be more optimized by switch to a slide show. 

Screenshot of Baker's Bundle cowgirls & bourbon (1).jpg


ASOS did a image slide for their product pageASOS did a image slide for their product page

4. Use Delivery Date

Once purchase decision is made, buyer is excited to get you product on their hand as soon as possible. When viewing “Standard Shipping — 3 business days. Get it by April 4th”, visitor get the urgency to make the purchase.

5. Product description

The information provided through product descriptions is an essential element for most users in the process of finding a suitable product. It should be eye-catching and attractive. Otherwise, it will make customer tired and skip the details. Consequently, that might cause troubles for your business. There are some factors you can consider:

  • Highlight: I can see you have 2 lines in red colors and sometimes it’s hard to know what to focus on. The highlight should only use for your promotion to make it noticeable.
  • Screenshot of Baker's Bundle cowgirls & bourbon (2).jpg
  • Subdivide Long Product Descriptions with Sections and Headings
  • Use block text and bullet point

Screenshot of ASOS DESIGN going out fallen shoulder mini dress in black _ ASOS.jpg


You can check out our templates for more inspiration for your product page page. Feel free to check out our article about the product page as well.

If you think my answer was useful, please like and mark it as a solution. Thank you and best of luck!


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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here 🙂 

Your store looks very enticing, and I love you have a specific niche. 

I recommend optimizing the hero image - make sure to add a CTA [Shop Now!] text or a button in the image and link it with a relevant collection or a product. This way you’ll invite people to browse your collections, improve the time they spend on your website [important for SEO] and reduce the bounce rate.

Consider also moving the Collection List right below the hero image and above the newsletter sign up box:

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 07.09.03.png


Showing products first will help you with sales, and newsletter sign up is a secondary element, that's why it can be featured at the bottom of the page. It would only make sense to show it in a primary position as you do now, if your website's focus was on growing your mailing list, and not on selling online. Hope it makes sense. 

Your About us page is authentic and builds trust, perfect.

Consider also adding more sub-collections; currently all your products are in one collection "Shop" meaning that your visitors have to scroll through six pages and do the hard work themselves of finding the product they want:

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 07.12.56.png


This can actually affect your sales, as it's considered a bad user experience [UX]. Consider splitting the products into further categories, like Linen, Baking ingredients etc. which will help your visitors navigate to the right products quicker, find the one they want and quickly checkout with the least amount of effort. In web design, the fewer clicks the user has to make, the bigger the chance they will convert. That's why simplifying the navigation and adding a one-page checkout can dramatically improve your sales.

Check also your website for any broken links - when I clicked on the Instagram icon, it opened on an error page:

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 07.20.47.png


Here's how to find broken links:


Here are a few guides that might help:

If you found these tips useful, please like this post and leave a 5* review on my TrustPilot profile. Thank you!

Looking for a more detailed critique? Reserve your free website audit here: 

Best regards,


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Thank you for taking the time to review my site.  Support & guidance is exactly what I need!

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Thank you for pointing out where I can improve my site and showing examples of sites that are successful in these areas.

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I really appreciate the time you put into reviewing my site.  I’ve got lots of work to do!

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Thank you a million times over!  Revamping my site begins today!!

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Happy to help 🙂