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Getting traffic but receiving not a single sale

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I'm using Facebook and Instagram ads to pull traffic from my site. I'm not sure why I'm not able to convert a single person that comes on my site. There is quite the possibility I haven't targeted the correct audience. But I wanted to see maybe its the website itself that may be scaring people away. Would love to hear your guy's feedback

Check it out yourself:

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Hey there, @magoulasp!  

There’s nothing quite like paying for ads, driving traffic but seeing zero conversions. That is very frustrating, and I’m sorry you have to go through that! While it is possible you’re targeting the wrong audience, there are also ways to improve your website.

I see you’re using Lucky Orange! That’s going to give you a huge advantage to see how to get those sales pouring in. Let’s be clear - you have a great product here, and I’m even tempted to buy one myself. 

Let’s get started!

First-time visitors want to know a few things:

  1. Does this work on my device?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How much does shipping cost?

The reason I mention those three things is because you’ve buried an important part of your website. First-time visitors have to scroll to the bottom of your website to see this:


Run a scroll heatmap to see how many people are reaching this message. My guess is that very few make it that far. Get that message up and out in the open! I would put it in a banner that’s linked to your product page. 

Use a click heatmap to see where people are clicking on your homepage. If this is your landing page for your campaigns, you need to know how people move around your store. My assumption is that they either click your CTA on your hero image or the hamburger menu. 

On the product page, I would make some revisions. It looks like you have some extra code that shows as the page loads - it looks like it’s related to your review plugin. You may want to research other options as well.

For the product page:

  • Reiterate your free shipping! 
  • Reformat the layout of the page. I would move the image from the center to the left with the details and ordering information on the right. 
  • Watch the pricing here. It looks a little suspicious when you’re marking the price down by more than 50%. 
  • I don’t think you need the color or “ships from” here. 
  • In your description, look at what people care about the most. Run a poll asking what they are looking for in an Apple charging stand. While the design and cable management may be what seems most important, it may end up being more about the high-speed charging or capability with their phone. I would re-order it to reflect that.
  • More the FAQ to a collapsible tab. Also, remove the question of “What happens if I receive my product broken.” If I were a new visitor, I wouldn’t even be concerned about that until you mentioned it.
  • Reviews: Collapse the review form and change the font color of “Write a review” from blue. It’s hard to see on the black background. For the reviews themselves, the pages in blue aren’t working. Again, it’s hard to read. When I moved between pages, it also forced me to go back to the top of the page. It’s an annoying aspect that may be enough to scare away customers.

In general, I would watch session recordings to see how people are using your store. Where do they click? If they aren’t clicking, how long do they stay on the site before leaving? If you use UTM parameters in your campaigns, you can use behavior tags that will help you isolate it to specific campaigns. 

I hope this helps! It may feel like an uphill battle to get conversions, but you are so closer! If you need any more help with Lucky Orange, please let me know!

Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hi Danny, thank you for the wonderful response. I have taken some of the information into consideration for building the site. I was also thinking to change the dark/cold theme to a brighter theme on my site. Id love to hear any more feedback you have!