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Getting Traffic, Making Some Sales, I Feel Like I am missing something though?

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We have been working with Disney licensees for a while but we cannot say anything that we are affiliated with Disney. We sell all subscription boxes. We really want to upgrade our website and make it better! Would love any advice and feedback! Literally, be as harsh as you want!

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Hi @Austin1407,

Thanks for sharing your store here. First of all, the link didn't work for me—it's possible that the subdomain isn't configured correctly. Can you check Online Store > Domains and let me know if you see an SSL error here, please?

I can still access the site at though so am able to provide you with some feedback. My first thought is that the site looks great, and I love how your product takes centre stage on the homepage. Having the "How it works" section directly underneath is also a great way of informing customers what they are buying and what the process is, which is certainly no bad thing when it comes to your conversion rate, as is your inclusion of customer testimonials on the homepage.

The feedback I have for you are all small things as you've covered most of your bases and done the major things right:

  • I checked out the contact page and noticed that no email address or phone number was offered, even if there is a contact form. Customers may wish to contact you directly rather than just filling in the form, so I'd suggest at the very least adding in an email address customers can use to contact you. This helps you build confidence and trust with your customers by being more reachable and transparent.
  • You're missing a favicon! This is a small thing but adding one helps solidify your brand and make your site make look more professional. I love your logo, so would recommend adding one to your store
  • I'm a sucker for a good FAQs page, and yours is superb, however one piece of information I feel is missing is where you ship to and what sort of shipping costs I can expect. If you ship worldwide, it's worth mentioning, and if not I would recommend specifying here which countries you do ship your boxes to.
  • As you're offering different shirt sizes, I'd recommend providing more details—are they large, medium, small etc for kids? What are the exact measurements? The more informed a purchase the customer can make, the better.
  • This is less a piece of feedback and more of a suggestion, but had you considered featuring unboxing videos on your site? I know they are very popular these days and it could be a great way to showcase the fun and excitement of opening one of your boxes when they arrive!

I hope this helps, and as I mentioned, overall the site is looking great. Please let me know if you've any questions.

Kind regards,

Victor | Shopify Social Care

Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey Victor!!


Thanks for all the suggestions! We actually are updating our theme right now and we will have a Favicon! That was a big deal for me. 


The rest will be getting fixed ASAP!


Thank you so much for your suggestions and help.