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Great site, but can't get sales :( Help?!

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Hi, if anyone can suggest any tips I would appreciate it greatly! So far my site has been open for 3 weeks with 2,758 sessions.

What I've done for marketing:

-Targeted Pinterest ad set up by Pinterest professional
Have 250k viewers
539 saves and 2k link clicks 

-Was posted by 2 instagram bloggers
Got loads of followers, likes and comments 

-Instagram ads

My photos are professional and eye catching and my prices excellent. People aren't even moving to the cart or checkout so I know its not a problem with any of that!

What my site offers:

-Free shipping over $75
-Same day shipping if you order before 12pm
-Live chat to help with anything

Multiple SEO professionals looked at my site and said its really nice. I've only gotten 2 sales- both of them were from the same person who says she loves my site and can't wait to order again!  Would this be considered normal? Should I just keep pushing? Really appreciate it!!!! Im getting pretty frustrated since I spent so much $ and time on my site so far and really need the orders to start coming in.

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I hope this helps.







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