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Hello, I would like feedback on my store please. It is a coastal themed site selling my own designs.

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I sell coastal designs (that I created myself) on t-shirts, headbands, bean bag covers, tote bags, greeting cards and art prints. I am not a web designer and am new to this so all feedback welcome. I would like to know how to improve to get some sales! Thank you.

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Hi @zomocreations , 

Congratulation on your store!

I like the colors and pictures you used to design your website color, however I got a little confused with the type of products your selling since it includes a variety of product from clothes to bean bag cover. I think it would be a good idea for you to include an "About us" section where to more clearly describe your brand, what you aim to do or create for your customer. This is an important part since it helps you brand create a voice and introduce to customers who you are as a company. This could gradually build up customers' trust that could help on the conversion of sale. Check out this blog post for some tips on writing an effective "About Us" page.

Aside from this, I would also suggest you to use retargeting campaign if you want to increase sales. Retargeting campaigns are used to remind your potential customer to re-engage with your brand after they leave your website by offering the product information they previously view with vary kinds of Ad creatives. I You can start by installing the Ako Retargeting app: on the Shopify app store. Ako Retargeting is a cost-efficient tool that could help your business increase awareness and conversion. The app helps you get your potential customers back to your website by delivering the most relevant product information to them at the right time, right impression and right cost. You can learn about this Ako Retargeting here

I hope this helps you with your business, all the best! 




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Hello @zomocreations,

I've taken a look at your store and found there are quite a few things which if added can make better conversions.

1. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product.
2. You can add testimonials on the home page to make the store look more professional.
3. A FAQ would be useful!
4. Use the same font for the whole website. 
5. Discounts and limited-time offers will help to increase sales.
6. Add more specific product title/url in product pages.
Creating the perfect SEO product title/url can help the search engine understand exactly what it is you are selling and drive more traffic to your site. So try to keep the product title/url unique and more specific.
7. Add filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)
8. The image included in the footer under Latest News is leaving more blank space to the footer right section. Remove the image from footer so that it will look more professional.

Before you think of ranking you should ensure your pages are found (indexed by Google). You can submit your store content regularly to all the major engines, or consider using a convenient tool like flare by Mansion Ecommerce. flare automatically detects site changes and verifiably informs major search engines like Google & Bing. You can get your free Google Index Score through flare. Plus! Only flare can submit individual URLs to Google & Bing, allowing your prioritized pages to be indexed first and fast.

Hope this was helpful!

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Hey @!

Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. You've done some lovely so far! Is this your first online store? I have a couple points of feedback to add to the feedback you've already received from the Community: 

  • Have browser notifications brought in an increase in conversions? To me, they are cumbersome and spammy, and I rarely hear that they have increased conversion rates on stores, instead having the opposite effect of deterring customers. 
  • I'd love to see some photography on the About Us page! Perhaps a team/family photo to really help the site feel like that authentic family business. 
  • The product photography is fit for purpose, but it isn't as inspiring as it could be. Have you considered doing some in-house photography? 
  • Having some feedback from previous customers or reviews of the products would be a fantastic addition! 
  • I'd like to understand the mission statement behind your brand, what is the goal? What problem are you solving for your customers? Tell us a little more about this on the landing page so we fully understand your business. 

How are you planning to start marketing the business? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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