Help Needed - Product Customisation Problem

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Urgent Help needed please!

recently i have changed my store theme the old theme (debut) i had product customisation on there worked perfectly 

however i have switched to narrative and now customers are typing in what they want to appear but i am not seeing that on the order

i followed the exact same shopify step by step guide but it has not worked for me


hope this makes sense?


Kind Regards


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Choose the best theme for your site

First and foremost, you need to pick the right theme. Your theme is the backbone of your site and will directly affect the atmosphere, user experience and all-around feel of your site.



The Shopify theme store is a great place to browse, with filters for honing in on what you’re looking for.

Shopify offers dozens of themes, each with multiple style variations for further customization. While some themes are free to use, most cost between $140 – $180.

This all-important decision can also be one of the most overwhelming, especially if it’s your first encounter with Shopify or theme stores in general. That’s why Tucker Schreiber, writing for the Shopify blog, recommends narrowing down your options by zeroing in on what exactly you want your theme to accomplish. When searching for your theme, keep these questions in mind:

  • What kind of experience am I trying to create for my customer? – The layout, image sizes, placement of text, etc. will all contribute to the atmosphere, which ultimately shapes the overall user experience.
  • What are some desired features I want for my store? – Do you want normal or large image displays? Do you need a wide Instagram feed? Infinite scrolling? Different themes offer different features, so make sure you know what you want, or what you’re willing to sacrifice.
  • What are my competitors doing? – Take note of what your competitors are doing not just to emulate what works, but also to know what you can do differently … and better.
  • How do I want my products to be displayed? – How your products are displayed is a main consideration for ecommerce, as it contributes a great deal to UX. Consider what kind of products you have: tech products that rely mainly on specs don’t need large images, whereas fashion items are the opposite.
  • What’s my budget for the site design? – Additional plugins and apps can also cost more money, so you should plan out your overall budget before you commit to a pricy theme. It might be more economical to use a free theme then augment it with paid apps.

One last consideration while choosing your theme is not to worry too much about typography and color schemes. Most of the time these can be customized later.