How can I contact customer service without account access to cancel my subscription?

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So can anyone tell me how to contact customer services without having access to your account. I've been stuck in this Facebook sign in loop for about a month, and simply don't have the time to enter the shopify 'help' Centre pages. I want to cancel my account have tried numerous times all the while shopify continue to invoice me for their 'service' will never do business with a company that makes it ne on impossible to contact them, which I suspect is by design. Am absolutely furious with their lack of communication so for the love of God can someone tell me how to cancel and be rid of this useless platform.

Kind regards,

Clive Pullen.

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P.s if there is anyone from shopify who reads this I'm not talking about the account I was forced to open to post this message as I said I can't access the account in question

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Hey @Clivepullen,

You can try this direct link to a contact page that shouldn't require you to log in:

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