How can I improve my new jewelry and accessory store?

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Hello Everyone! Thank you for the replies in advance:) I just launched my jewelry and accessory store 3 weeks ago! It's . I've had 617 online sessions, most of which last less than 20 seconds. I have not had any orders placed yet. I did advertise on a few different social media sites to gain traffic. Can you please give me some honest feedback on what my store needs to change in your opinion? Thank you. It is much appreciated. 

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Hello @starbrite,

This is Gina from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

I've taken a look at your store and found there are quite a few things which if added can increase sales.

1. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product. Even sometimes by reading reviews, customers may look to understand whether your product will suit their particular situation and make the decision to purchase the product.
2. Testimonials are a good way to increase the trust and will influence the purchasing decision. Also, provide the customers' full name, and profile photo of them to add authenticity and credibility.
3. Add About Us page which is a reflection of the purpose and personality of the business.
4. Add sticky header
Adding sticky header allow users to quickly access the navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements without scrolling up to the top of the page. They increase the discoverability of the elements in the header and the chance that users will take advantage of them.
5. Add Blogging in the store
Blogging is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO. The more your blog, the more content the search engines have to crawl and index. This means they can easily recognize that your site is a resource of information for people to access.
6. Remove Powered by Shopify from footer and add your own branding to your store footer.
7. Add a Contact Us page with a form for better customer interaction. 
8. To further boost your store's visibility and engagement, don't forget to include a Facebook icon in the footer of your Shopify store. Adding a Facebook icon will make it convenient for visitors to connect with your brand on Facebook, expanding your reach and fostering customer interaction.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require any additional assistance.


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Hey @starbrite.
Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate that you have included your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I noticed that you are using the announcement bar to welcome your visitors to your store. What do you think about including a discount code or free shipping offer in the announcement? This could potentially create a buyer incentive to begin browsing the available products.
I did notice that you currently do not have a Favicon added to your homepage. A Favicon is a small image on the browser tab that represents the webpage, I am sure if you look towards the top of your browser now - you may notice a Favicon. Adding a Favicon to your online store can strengthen your brand and provide additional security to your visitors knowing that they are viewing a fully completed store. You can add a Favicon by navigating to your Theme Settings using the Theme Editor.
Let me know what you think.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @starbrite ,


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App.

Congratulations on your store. It's really pretty with this color panel but a little simple. I have just some small suggestions for a better chance of gaining sales. May it help!

  • Consider adding a favicon for your site: Here is Shopify's guide. When merchants are searching for many sites, they can easily recognize and be impressed with your website and come back to shop more.
  • Enhance your homepage by:
    • Improve your hero banner and product lists: Your current image is great but it does not diverse enough to show a visitor all products you have. We can see many choices on the navigation but the hero banner and 1 product list are very poor. They might leave out the site if they do not find what they need. Let's get consumers to know exactly what you're having in 5 seconds first. 
    • Use Reviews or Social Proof: Building the merchant's trustworthiness is a vital factor for shopping online. The rating stars for each product or customer review as text and photos can prove your product's quality or suggest trendy and favorite items.
    • Add a collection list or some product list: to give more choices for the merchants who visit your home page
    • Classify your CTA buttons: A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store. And the secondary CTA buttons under each product can give a higher chance to add it to the cart. With these buttons, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a collection page, a product page, etc.
  • Add Delivery/Returns policies on your Footer: Any warranty or guarantee information can build up your site's trustworthiness. A free or clear delivery policy can positively influence the user's purchasing decision.

I hope this will be helpful to you. In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know.
Good luck and have a nice day! Cheers!

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