How can I improve my new T-shirt store?

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I just open my Tshirt store. Yeah I know its a million of them out there but this has always been something I wanted to do. Please take a look and give me some feedback. I'm not even sure if people are even viewing my products.

Thank You


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Hey @Smorri17 

Congratulations on launching your T-shirt store! It's great to see your enthusiasm for pursuing something you've always wanted to do. I can offer some general advice on how to increase visibility and engagement for your online store:


  1. Utilize social media: Create accounts on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Share high-quality images of your T-shirts, engage with potential customers, and use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.

  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimize your website's content and product descriptions with relevant keywords to improve your store's visibility in search engine results. Research popular keywords in the T-shirt industry and incorporate them strategically.

  3. Content marketing: Start a blog or create engaging content related to T-shirts, fashion, or your niche. This can help drive organic traffic to your store and establish you as an authority in the industry.

  4. Influencer partnerships: Collaborate with influencers who align with your brand and have a following that matches your target audience. They can help promote your products and generate interest among their followers.

  5. Email marketing: Build an email list by offering incentives such as exclusive discounts or freebies. Send regular newsletters to your subscribers to keep them informed about new product launches, sales, and updates.

  6. Customer reviews and testimonials: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials on your website or third-party platforms. Positive reviews can build trust and attract new customers.

  7. Analyze website traffic: Use tools like Google Analytics to track your website's traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates. This data can provide insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and help identify areas for improvement.


Remember, building an online presence and attracting customers takes time and effort. Be patient, stay consistent with your marketing strategies, and continuously seek feedback and make adjustments along the way.


Best of luck with your T-shirt store!


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Best Regards,

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Hello @Smorri17!


Great job on getting all of your products uploaded and added to the homepage, that is a solid amount of work done already!


Now that you have everything added, my suggestion would be to start thinking out the layout and sections of your homepage. This is important as this page will serve as the first place where your customers land and form an initial impression.


Here are some suggestions to start polishing the look of your store:


  • At the bottom of the page, you have a section titled 'Spiritually Inspired Clothing', which appears to have some placeholder text right underneath. Seeing text which is clearly not meant to be on the store can be off-putting for some customers as the website may appear unfinished, so I would suggest you go to Online store > Customize, on the left hand side identify that particular section and Edit that text to a description relevant to your business. To learn how you can manage your sections, have a look at our help doc on the topic here


  • Looking even further than that, underneath the footer you have a Powered by Shopify text, which can be removed by taking these steps here. This again, contributes to a more finished and professional look on your store. 


  • Navigation settings are the next aspect that I would recommend focusing on. A good user experience on a store is made up of ease of navigation on a store, so achieve this seamless set up, you can go to Online store > Navigation and start by creating a menu which will allow you to add your products as well as additional pages such as Contact Us/About Us to where the customers can easily find it. To learn more, see our guide on menus and links here.


You mentioned that you're not sure if people are viewing your store - have you already done some advertising to drive traffic? I would recommend you first implement the suggestions I left above, but once you have that down you can consider getting new customers in. 


Check out the integrations that we have with Google Ads and Facebook (Meta) Ads that will allow you to create and run campaigns straight from your Shopify admin. Below, I have courses on both:


Lana | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @Smorri17,


I’m Theodore White from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions as hereby:


1. Update the content of the announcement bar

Make your notification bar well-designed and simple with your convincing brand values. This keeps the intrigue high, inspiring them to scroll & learn more about your products.



2. Add header of the page

A well-designed header can improve the navigation and user experience of your website. It should include a logical and intuitive menu structure that allows visitors to easily find what they are looking for. A user-friendly header enhances engagement, reduces bounce rates, and increases the likelihood of conversions.


3. CTA button

It’s such a loss when you missed a “Shop now” button on your banner.


A CTA button here will urge visitors to make the purchase and it is a great way to optimize your home page.

And please rest assured that all CTA buttons should have the same styling to boost the conversion rate. 


4. Raise the opacity of the overlay color

The overlay color is too dark at the moment which makes it hard for the customers to view the product clearly. 


Thus, you should increase the opacity here.


5. Update the footer of the page

At least you should have the Return and Shipping Policies displayed in the footer. The more information the customers can explore, the more willing they are to buy!


Furthermore, I'd like to suggest some ideas for the upcoming Father's Day that can potentially elevate your store's performance, let's check it out:


1. Utilize social media platforms to connect with your audience and generate Father's Day-related content. For instance, prompt customers to share your products and mention their fathers in their posts. Organize contests or giveaways to generate enthusiasm and encourage user-created content.


2. Enhance your website by incorporating Father's Day elements: incorporate banners, landing pages, and product showcases that feature keyword related to Father's Day. Optimize product descriptions and images to emphasize their relevance as ideal gifts for Father's Day.


And that's my feedback! Hope it helps you boost the conversion rate.



Theodore | PageFly Team

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Hey @Smorri17,


Keep Store Navigation Easy Peasy -Firstly, implement a central navigation menu on your store home page. It is necessary, as it is of key importance in terms of enabling quick access to every section of your online store. 


It is the basic thing every customer expects every time they land in your store. Finding it missing will spoil the joy of shopping. Get it done at the earliest. 

Amp Up Your Design Game - Adding multiple images is key to impress customers who are eager to buy the product. This Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt has just a single image, and it is insufficient to let customers see the product from various angles. And it is a big reason customers shy away from purchasing even if the product is perfectly fine because they fear the item might not look the same as online.


Make Mouse Hover Work In Your Favor - Upon mouse hovering on the product listed on your store, no extra details about the product are visible. Let the customer get a quick peek into details about the products as soon as he mouse hovers. 


It will provide the much-needed additional product details that help decide if the products are good enough to visit its page. As a result, it will streamline the shopping experience.  


Harness The Power Of Social Media -  Social media is one of the productive places to engage with audiences and build loyalty in minimum time. An effective approach will be to respond to comments, DMs, and mentions without delay.


Ask for feedback on your newly launched products. These activities cultivate a sense of community around your brand. Hiring fashion influencers for sponsored posts and giveaways will be your best bet to have lasting brand impressions. 


Research the Right Hashtags - Start with popular hashtags ( those being often used) by your successful competitors. Also, take a deep dive into hashtags related to the theme, design, or style of your t-shirts. Leveraging them in your posts opens the path to reaching your audience. 

Competitor Analysis - Analyze competitors to figure out your target audience. You can easily get a list of your competitors via popular e-commerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Go for the ones with the highest ratings and maximum positive feedback.

Test, Repeat, and Optimize - No trend is constant in the realm of e-commerce. It is wise to stay at the top of the latest trends and leverage them with different techniques.


It will fetch you loads of customer data. This will be decisive in terms of finding patterns to strategize tailored campaigns for your target audience. Your ads will fetch high ROI.

Any queries still bothering you? Connect with us. We are eager to talk about it. Happily solved numerous queries for hundreds of Shopify sellers around the world.


All the best.

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