How can I improve my online store's design and usability?

How can I improve my online store's design and usability?

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I am new to Shopify / Online Selling and I'm unsure whether the design & usability of my Online store is customer friendly enough. Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.


Website is





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Hey @David346 ,

Cool Store! I love the clean look.

Here is some feedback:

As a brand re-selling other luxury brands, you need to think about diffferent objections your potential customers might have and go from there.

Let's think about this:

Different Objections:
1) Is your product original? What guarantee do they have?
{Brainstorm other objections}

Who are your competitors?
Bloomingdales, Sacks (These are US Luxury re-sellers. Not sure about UK)

According to me, the main objection is trust. And we need to counteract that early on.

Here is how you can implement it:

Favicon: Add a favicon

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 10.46.54 AM.png


Navigation: Break Sections into Men's vs Women's
Hero Section:
Hero Title: This needs to be very clear. Currently, it is slightly hard to read due to the white in your hero image. Maybe make the hero image a little translucent.
Change this to talk about your real product offering. "Original Luxury Brands at Discounted Prices" or something similar
CTA: Add a CTA. I know the hero picture is a hyperlink but add a CTA as well.

Benefits: Add Benefits Section here along with the fact that you have a 100% original guarantee, free shipping etc.

Fix This:

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 10.51.45 AM.png

Your website requires a lot of trust. At the end of the day, they are trusting you to send an orignial product and paying high amounts. Any mistake and you lose the customer.

Collection Pages: 
Add Filters
Add Sort BY

Product Pages:
Add Shipping Times,
Talk about Original Guarantee
Change Sizes to Radio Select Rather Than dropdown

Do this and then look at your data. 

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Hi @David346 , 

This is Ricardo from InventoryHero app, I will share with you some comments regarding the feedback you were asking: 

  • Make the font color of the banner more readable because I coul barely read what it says banner.png
  • I think what you show is a modal, if that is the case then you need to get your customer's attention, you can do it by making the background darker and so your customers will focus just in the modal modal.png
  • Your chatbot is not friendly as it needs some customization maybe try adding warmer greetings and the name of your store too! chatbot.png

When it comes to mobile experience I see 2 big items you need to improve: 

  • Make your menu stays at the top even if the user is scrolling down
  • Try to make your chatbot icon disappear and bring the cart icon instead

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