How can I improve my online store?

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Hi community I would love to get some feedback on my store I’m always try to improve


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Hi @Sandrad 

Why this example section exists on your homepage Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 11.05.45.png

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This is Richard from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. In general, I think your store is quite fashionable with the clear implementation of CRO best practices! To further improve it, I would like to give my feedback on your store’s Page speed, Home page, Product page and Product details page from my CRO expertise. Hope this can help!







Your page’s performance on mobile and desktop can be improved. I suggest you can remove unused Javascript and switching to another theme with faster loading speed. 





  • Move the headline and CTA “above the fold” area: Above the fold means your screen that can be seen without scrolling. By moving the headline and CTA, site visitors can’t miss and CTA button and increase the conversion rate 
  • Improve the Hero Section: The hero section is the first thing that visitors see when they land on the homepage. Make sure it clearly communicates what Thashade is, what it  does, and what problem it solves by adding a few short sentences or bullet points. Displaying the hero section by adding a slideshow to showcase more products is also a great idea. 
  • Add Social Proof: Social proof helps build trust and credibility with potential customers. You should add customer testimonials, reviews of customers that have purchased from your store.
  • Use Pop-Up Windows Strategically: Consider using pop-up windows to offer a special promotion or capture email addresses for a newsletter. However, be careful not to overuse pop-ups or use them in a way that annoys visitors. Make sure the pop-up window is easy to close and doesn't interfere with the user experience.





  • Use Clear Calls-to-Action: Make it easy for visitors to purchase products by using clear calls-to-action for each products, such as "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now". Place these calls to action in prominent locations on the page and make sure they stand out visually.
  • Use Filters: Use filters to help visitors find products that meet their specific needs. Allow them to filter by color, shape, or other important criteria.
  • Use Upselling Techniques: Use upselling techniques such as "Customers who bought this also bought..." to encourage visitors to purchase additional products. This can help increase the average order value





  • Use Horizontal Image Slideshow: While it's important to showcase product media (such as images and videos) in a sticky format to keep it in the user's view, it's best to display them in a horizontal slideshow instead of a vertical scroll. Horizontal scrolling is a more natural way of exploring images and allows for a more immersive experience. Consider implementing a slider or carousel that allows visitors to easily navigate through the product media with arrows or thumbnails. This can make the page more visually appealing and encourage visitors to engage with the product media.
  • Use Upselling Techniques: Include upsell options to encourage visitors to purchase additional products that complement the Aya Sunglasses, such as a case or cleaning kit. This can help increase the average order value.
  • Use Cross-selling Techniques: Use cross-selling techniques such as "You may also like..." or "Complete the Look" to suggest other products on the Thashade website that pair well with the Aya Sunglasses. This can help visitors discover other products they may be interested in and increase the chances of making a sale


Additionally, with Mother's Day 2023 fast approaching, also ranked as the third most significant holiday following Black Friday and Christmas, it is an opportune time to consider some compelling concepts for your business to take full advantage on this occasion.

Use colors palette associated with Mother’s Day

This kind of change makes your store more welcoming. You can refer to these pairs of colors:

  • Pastel Pink and Green: This color palette is soft, delicate, and feminine, making it a popular choice for Mother's Day. It includes shades of light pink, blush, and pale green, which evoke feelings of tenderness, love, and springtime.
  • Red and White: This classic color combination is timeless and elegant, and it's often used to symbolize the love and appreciation we have for our mothers. It's a bold and impactful color palette that can be used to create a variety of different designs.
  • Lilac and Light Blue: This color palette is soft and soothing, with shades of pale purple and blue that are reminiscent of springtime flowers and clear skies. It's a calming and peaceful color palette that's perfect for creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere on Mother's Day.





Offer special discounts

Create special deals during Mother’s Day event like bundle or 1+1 offer is one of the best ways to boost your sales. You can highlight them on your homepage to be visible as soon as visitors reach your page and make it easy to navigate through your product offerings.


Create gift guides or a special section with product recommendations.

Creating gift guides or a product recommendation section can help increase engagement and sales on your Mother's Day landing page. By organizing products by categories and themes, you can make it easier for shoppers to find the perfect gift for their mothers. Including product descriptions, images, and customer reviews can also help improve the shopping experience and boost conversion rates.


Let me know if you have any questions. Wish you the best of luck!

Richard | PageFly


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