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How can I improve my outdoor decor dropshipping store?

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My dropshipping store sells outdoor living decor &  has been going now for about 12 mths. I have re-hashed many things in my store over that time. I have worked on my SEO, I hired somebody to backlinks, I have had sales, offers etc & have done several Facebook ads. 

Can I please have an honest review of my store without somebody trying to sell me their services. I would really really appreciate it.

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Hello @Millie03,


I have taken a look at your store and have some feedback for you. If my suggestions are helpful, please let me know by clicking the "like" button on my post.


Product Images

The product images on the collection pages look good, however the product gallery images on the product pages are too large on desktop. The zoomed image appears to be of low resolution and the thumbnails in the product gallery also seem to be of low resolution.


Delivery Time

The 2-4 weeks delivery time for most locations is slow. This could discourage potential customers from making a purchase.



The welcome banner on the home page seems unnecessary and oversized on desktop.


Add to Cart Button

Try experimenting with different colors for the add to cart button, maybe the same color as the logo symbol with white text.


Collection Filter Options

Remove the filter options in collections, as there are not enough products to justify it.



Remove the "AFTERPAY & ZIP AVAILABLE" header banner, as this information can already be seen on the product pages.

Consider adding deeper links to your header navigation instead of just "Shop". You could also show "Wishlist" as a heart icon on the right side and remove order tracking from header navigation.



Restructure the links in the footer navigation into more categories, for example Navigation, Resources, and Company (instead of policies). Consider to add links to collection pages like Bestsellers, New Products etc.


Kind regards

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Hi @TobiasDalhof 


I really appreciate you feedback. Like I said, I am dropshipping so unfortunately the delivery times are out of my hands. So of course I am also using the supplier images. 

A lot of the changes you mention seem to be coding changes. I am using the Dawn theme so there is only so many changes I can make without knowing coding. Eg removing collection filter. The hero banner is already set to "small" so I can't reduce that any further. 

I don't know how I can change the "Add to Cart" colour. It won't let me in the themes editor.


If you are able to expand further on these, I would truly appreciate it.

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Hello @Millie03 to be very honest, your store already has most of the features I recommend for people seeking feedback such as customer reviews, best selling categories, FAQs, etc. Therefore it’s fair to say it is really well set up. I guess maybe you could just try stepping up the design quality of the store a bit it does look a bit bland. 

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!
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@Millie03 ,


Logo: For Brand identity, you need a proper logo to represent your business as the logo needs more improvement on your website. It's a basic or important foundation for branding your business.

It’s important to note that your logo does not need to be exactly 410 pixels wide by 205 pixels high.

Front Images: Use good quality featured banner images with call-to-action buttons to captivate user attention. Use all images with good quality with the right dimension.

Homepage: Homepage designs guide your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on the homepage layout design. Include trust indicators on the homepage. Homepage content should be strategically decided. You can add a ‘Call to action banner’ ‘New arrivals’, ‘Top selling products, Most popular collection, announcement bar, Today's deals, and offers, etc on the homepage to engage users.

Add Blog: You know creating/adding blogs gives you a great way to generate fresh content on a website and provide a catalyst for email marketing, and social media promotion to drive search traffic to your website.

Trust Signals: Show off trust signals and customer testimonials to boost conversion. Customer testimonials and trust Signals build customers' trust and help customers to feel more secure in their buying decision.

Improve SEO, links, usability, and performance score to increase more conversion & sales (Your page could be better)

Check your store with the Page insight tool to get the score. because the low mobile score can kill the website traffic.





Check the link, It is an SEO report:

Check what is missing here.


Suggestion : 

  1. Start Paid Advertising 
  2. Email Marketing 
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. SEO : Off-page / On page

Check your store in the google analytic tool and check customer behavior.

If you are interested, then I will give you a free audit report.

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Hi @oscprofessional 


I have read through all of your comments. Are you able to explain a bit more on the following please 


LOGO - What is considered a "proper logo" ? 

FRONT IMAGES - I use images from the likes of Shutterstock etc for my banners so I would like to think they are of good quality. I dropship my products so unfortunately I have to use supplier images. No, I cannot afford to be buying a heap of products to take my own photos. My banner does have a CTA button - Shop Now, so I don't understand that comment.

HOMEPAGE - I am using the Dawn theme so there is only so much I can do without knowing coding.

I do have a New Arrivals & Best Sellers sections on my homepage.

I have tried looking for an app that I can use for trust badges on my homepage but can't find one. 

TRUST SIGNALS - I have a reviews section - with photos - on my homepage & reviews on product pages, so I am not sure what you mean here.  I also have trust badges on my product pages.


As for blogs - GROAN! 

I have been doing email marketing & posting on FB & Insta. 


With regards to notes on images you attached, again, I am using the Dawn theme. My hero banner is already set to "small" so I don't know how to decrease that. Without coding, I don't how to reduce the header height. The navigation in the header - I have been advised previously to keep that very simple which is why "contact us" etc is in the footer.

Anything to do with backlinks - I have no idea. As I said I paid somebody to that & obviously got duped!

I don't understand the part where you say to put the collection header below the collection products - again, coding involved?

What size should product photos be? Most of mine are 1000x1000 or 800x800.

The order tracking is an app so I don't know how I increase the size of things on that page without coding.

Store speed - again - I have been told previously not to worry about it too much. People have told me my site loads quite well on desktop & mobile. I don't understand most of the stuff on the site checkers for speed anyway so would have no idea how to fix. Eg reduce javascript.


If you can help any further, I would be truly truly grateful.