How can I improve my store's performance?

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Hi! Please give honest feedback on my store's performance and some recommendations. Thanks!


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I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!


I am San from MS Web Designer

Thank you for sharing your store URL. This allowed me to go through your site.

You have a beautiful website. I believe a few adjustments may be required to make it more professional and appealing to customers.


Here are some recommendations:

1.Wishlist missing.

2. Social media Icon missing.

                                                                                                                     You can follow this

Homepage: (First Impression is the last impression)

The homepage is the first landing page your customers will see after opening the website. Yours is done beautifully. 

1.Featured Products / all Title should be Optimized and Seo Friendly.

2.Add Meta Description for all Products.

3.Add sticky add to cart button on home page collection features.
4. Add a Lead magnet section on Home Page 


Collection and Product Page:
- Add Sticky add to Cart and Buy now Button for quick checkout 

- Add Products Bages like New, 10% Off, You Save 20$ or Free Shipping


Conversion Rate Optimization strategies:

-Introduce discount coupons and codes to attract more customers.

- User generated content like verified reviews or Instagram feed to attract the customer.

-Upsell and cross sell at cart pages to increase average order value.


SPEED Optimization:

1.Your site might be in need of Optimization too. As per Google Insights, your site score is 7 which means that attention is required here. A well-optimised site rates 60+ for mobile version, this affects your SEO ranking and decides how many customers/visitors view or find your website as 80% visitors use mobile to place the order. This is especially important if you don't want to invest in advertisements.





Speed optimization is required to increase sales and traffic. Also, if your speed is not good, your website ranking will definitely fall. 


I hope this helps.


Please feel free to contact us for any further help that you might require.

Best regards,



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To make your site more structured and understandable for Google, you can add more schema markup to your site. 

Schema markup is a special code that helps search engines better understand your website content.

You can do this using relevant apps from the Shopify store, just search "schema markup" there

Sofiia Astanina, Shopify app developer
Try SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup from Shopify app store

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Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is  MooseDesk - All-in-one Customer Support and Helpdesk Solution for your Start-up 


Congratulations on your store! It's truly impressive, and I can see the dedication you've poured into its creation. While it's already great, I do have some suggestions to help make it even better. Here are a few of my recommendations for better customer experience, if you don't mind taking a look.


1. Homepage


  • Add image for Customer Feedback Section: I've noticed that your current customer section lack of image. I recommend you should consider including images in customer reviews to provide visual proof that your product was purchased and used by real customers. This authenticity can enhance the credibility of the reviews and the trustworthiness of your store. For instance:




2. Product Page


  • Add Promotional Campaign: Displaying promotions such as discounts, limited-time offers, or bundle deals directly on product pages can effectively push your customers toward making a purchase, particularly if they're already interested in your product. Take a look at this example below:




3. Support


Last but not least, don't overlook the importance of customer support for your new online store. It's essential for ensuring a positive shopping experience!


I suggest exploring MooseDesk, a free support, FAQ & Helpdesk App. MooseDesk provides auto-reply features during non-business hours, a proactive help center, and a user-friendly widget layout, offering an effective solution to enhance customer support on your platform.


  • You can add a widget that contain FAQ like this with MooseDesk: 




  • Or you can easily create and customize FAQ/Contact Us page within 5 minutes with appealing templates:






So those are some of my suggestions for your store as an UX expert. If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered please mark this as 'SOLUTION’.


Once again, congratulations on creating such an inviting online store! Keep up the fantastic work, and I wish you the best of luck in the future ❤️



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I am Garcia from the Shopify Advanced Page Builder App PageFly. Your store looks great, but I have some feedback on your store. The feedback will be 2 parts: pagespeed analysis and store feedback.


I. Page speed analysis

Based on PageSpeed Insights, this is your page speed analysis on mobile:




This is your page speed analysis on desktop:


The scores I've mentioned reveal several areas that could use improvement, especially the mobile and desktop performance. Here’s how you might approach enhancing each aspect:

  1. Performance (Mobile: 7, Desktop: 34):
  • Optimize images: Ensure images are not larger than necessary, are in the right file format (JPEG for photos, PNG for graphics with fewer than 16 colors), and are compressed for the web.
  • Minimize JavaScript and CSS: Reduce the size of JS and CSS files by minifying them and removing unnecessary code.
  • Leverage browser caching: Set up caching rules to help store some data on the user's browser, so it doesn't have to be reloaded with each visit.
  • Improve server response time: Look at your hosting solution and see if there are bottlenecks. Consider upgrading to a more robust hosting service if needed.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN): CDNs can distribute the load, save bandwidth, and improve access speed for your users worldwide.

II. Store Feedback

1. Homepage

  • Incorporate a pause-on-hover feature and enhance the visibility of manual controls.

Your Hero banner is a slideshow, so make sure that the manual controls is visible. This helps in grabbing the attention of the visitors as soon as they land on your page


Moreover, adding a hover effect to the banner can increase user engagement. When elements respond to user interaction, it makes the experience more interactive and enjoyable, which can keep users on the site longer.


  • Add CTA button to all banner that redirect

Adding a Call-To-Action (CTA) button to all banners on your website that redirect to a different page offers several key benefits and can be a powerful tool to guide user behavior and improve conversion rates.



A CTA button acts as a clear instruction to users, encouraging them to take a specific action. This direct approach helps increase user engagement by reducing ambiguity about what steps to take next.

  • Check all the redirect link on your store

Check all the redirect links on your store because for some banners, it leads to a blank page now. For example the link in this hero banner below.


 Ensuring that all redirects lead to the correct pages helps maintain a smooth and frustration-free navigation experience for your users. This is crucial for keeping potential customers engaged and reducing bounce rates.

2. Product Page

  • Think about utilizing an accordion element for the Specifications information.

We avoid setting up product images in that manner because it negatively impacts customers' viewing experience, which can then affect user experience (UX) and conversion rates.


You might want to consider minimizing this, or using a drop-down list. When a customer clicks on it, a pop-up description will appear.



  • Add return policy to your page

Customers will feel more secure as a result of the return  policy, and they are more inclined to trust your company if your return policies are prominently stated. Having a transparent return policy helps build customer loyalty.


You can try to change this by following the example in the image I've provided as you don't currently have a return policy for your products.


3. Make use of the holiday

Mother's Day presents a great opportunity for accessory stores (like those selling backpacks, tumblers, etc.) to connect with customers and boost sales. Here are several holiday promotion ideas specifically tailored for Mother’s Day:


  • Themed Product Bundles: Create special Mother’s Day bundles that include popular items such as a stylish backpack and matching tumbler. Offer these bundles at a discounted price compared to buying items separately.
  •  Customizable or Personalized Items: Offer customization options for products, such as engraving names or special messages on tumblers or adding custom patches or monograms to backpacks.
  • Gift with Purchase: Run a promotion where customers receive a free gift with their purchase, such as a small accessory pouch or a personalized keychain, when they spend a certain amount.



It's all about my suggestion. However, these ideas are just my point of view. For the best results, it's important to tailor these strategies to the specific audience and products of the store.


Warm regards,

Garcia | PageFly Team


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