How can I improve the conversion rate for my gymwear brand WNDR?

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Hi everyone, my name is Gene, a nurse in the USA. I created this gymwear brand known as WNDR a couple years ago. I have since gotten a decent amount of sales, however, my conversion rate has always been low to 0%.


I am asking for any feedback if you may provide it! This is a continuous learning experience from me and I would like to improve our conversion rates to grow the apparel brand. Thanks!


Brand Website: WNDR.CO™ Gymwear | Workout Clothes and Activewear (

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Hello @RoninRebels ,


The website design and t-shirts looks really nice. It's great that there is already a customer base loving WNDR. I would like to make some suggestions so that you can optimize conversion rate:


1) Sticky Header:

Visitors should be able to navigate easily without having to scroll to top of the page. I would suggest showing the sticky header on either scroll down or up.


2) Layout:

It's really important to place sections strategically throughout layout with ultimate goal of guiding customers to checkout page with CTA. Currently, all CTA sections are at the top of the page. When a visitor reaches to bottom, they'll need to scroll all the way up and may lose potential customers:


A solution would be to move "ABOUT US" section to above the footer as it has "shop now" CTA. In general, It's much better idea to show featured collections below the banner and about us down the page for the visitors that are still not convinced enough to buy from your brand.


3) Add To Cart needs Bug Fix:

Add To Cart on featured collection doesn't work properly. The products added via that button doesn't show up in the cart but shows up in the checkout. This will confuse many customers. Also, It would be much better if a popup appears for the customers to choose size. Currently it adds the default "S":



4) Contact Us & Info:

Contact us banner image is default to Shopify's empty hero. FAQ section is empty too. Also you can show FAQ in a page that visitors most likely will see to make sure they see it. In addition, "contact us" should  be present in the header menu.


5) Chat Widget:

As you provide 7/24 support, adding a chat button where visitors can seamlessly contact and ask questions will help a lot to build credibility:



6) Blogs:

Blogs are great way to increase organic traffic and build credibility. As you're knowladge on both gym and health; there are many topics you can educate others with blog. To add up to the overall design and improve homepage SEO you can place some blogs into homepage like:



7) Email Marketing:

It's great that you show 10% off on first customers in a popup but you can also include it on announcement bar or place the section above the footer so that visitors won't miss your offer:



8)Loyalty & Reward Program: 

You can implement a loyalty & reward program. Customers are more inclined to buy knowing that they'll be getting discount points on repeating purchases. Also It will help you build a solid customer base and community. Example:



9) Shipping Discount:

Customers doesn't like the idea of paying for shipping. To increase AOV (average order value) which is directly related to CRO, you can offer free shipping above a certain amount and provide it in a progress bar:



10) KPI Optimization & A/B Testing:

  • If you wish to increase your revenue and conversion, you can check about KPI (Key Performance Indicators: AOV, CvR, Frequency, Traffic), analyze and optimize each of individually which will add up to your revenue.
  • You can implement A/B Testing to monitor different solutions and continue with what works best. As what you think could increase the conversions in theory may not always work as you like. This can be marketing strategies, layout/design/color change, offering bundles etc. basically anything you think may improve the revenue; A/B Testing will allow you to see how effective they are.

11) Offer Supplements:

If you want to expand your brand you could offer health supplements, proteins, drinks etc. that people who goes to gym would like to use. As you're a nurse, I believe it wouldn't be hard for you take this approach if you decide to do so. This would give you marketing opportunities like bundles / upsell / subscription for steady & repeating customers which would ultimately increase your revenue and profits while building a solid community around your brand.


12) Optimize Page Speed:

Page speed is important to both increase mobile conversion rate and improve SEO. There is room for improvements with some optimizations. Homepage audit:



I believe applying these changes will help a lot and good luck! Feel free to reach out to me if you need any further assistance.


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