How can I increase conversions for my clothing brand?

How can I increase conversions for my clothing brand?

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I am new to ecommerce space and struggling to make sales. I have my own clothing brand of original designs and looking step up from pop up shops to grow globally. I currently create content on social medias platforms, integrated my shop into those platforms and still finding it hard to get new email subscribers and conversions.


Can anyone take a look at my site and give me some pointers on how I can scale?

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Have you try to sell your items on tiktokshop? 

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Yes, I have the integration with tiktok shop and still nothing, unfortunately 

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Have you run ads? How many visitors you have? 

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- Ryviu - Reviews & QA app, collect product reviews, import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Shopee, Dhgate and CSV.
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Hi @kareydesigns ,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Ticketing System App


Congratulations on the opening of your store! It's truly impressive, and I can see the dedication you've poured into its creation. While it's already great, I do have some suggestions to help make it even better. Here are a few of my recommendations for better customer experience, if you don't mind taking a look.


1. Position of brand logo and navigation bar


My advise here is to align both your logo and navigation bar to the center of your page. From my point of view, anything in the center would attract more attention and awareness from the visitors.


2. Conversion booster - Countdown


I have noticed that you have also set up a countdown, which is a very useful method to urge visitors to make the purchasing decision and boost conversion. However, I am quite confused as there is no additional information on what the countdown is for. What will happen in the next 6 days?




Here is an example of a countdown integrated in the hero banner with a very clear message - 30% discount in the next 22 minutes.




3. Value propositions


The key for a high-converting store is to convince your Customers why your products are more beneficial and superior comparing to other competitors. You can achieve this by highlighting the most notable features of your products. Here is an example how you can do it: 




3. Guarantees


Let the visitors know your brand policies - What are your refund terms? How long does the delivery take? Do you offer any support? Here is an example of some guarantees: 




4. FAQ


Customers tend to have a lot of questions, most of them can be answered by a simple FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. A well-written set of FAQ can build trust, confidence and make your customers feel more secured to make the purchasing decision. For more tips to create FAQ sections, you can refer to this useful blog from Shopify.




5. Customer support


Last but not least, when Customers are not able to find answers from the FAQ section. they will definitely look for a way to contact your support team. I can see that you have already set up a Contact Us/Support section so if you are looking for a ticket management system, you can give MooseDesk a try. MooseDesk is currently FREE for all early birds with 24/7 dedicated support, which would help you answers all the questions and explain why MooseDesk is suitable for your business. 





So those are my recommendations for your store. Hope it brings you some new insights.


If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered please mark this as 'SOLUTION’. It would make my day!!


Once again, thank you! 

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Hi @kareydesigns,

I'm Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder.

Congratulations on your new store! I love your products which look unique, comfy but cool; the website design looks clean & user-friendly. From my Conversion Rate Optimization expertise, I would like to offer some suggestions to help you get more engagement & increase sales.


1. Invest on bespoke media for your homepage hero banner 

Upon first glance, I found it quite hard for shoppers to realize what you are offering & what action you want them to take. I recommend you add a specific heading & sub heading on your hero banner to help them clear about that, also a CTA button to guide them to shop your stores.

Also consider using a thumbnail for the current video & making it full width to create a better visual experience. 

PageFlyKate_0-1700550893360.png2Add a “Load more" button to your product showcase in homepage

I suggest adding a Load more button to allow shoppers to view additional products from your first showcase. It not only brings more chances of sales but also enhances shopper experience, reducing bouncing rate because it enables shoppers to keep on exploring your store.


3. Allow secondary hover image

Displaying only a single static image is a missed opportunity to provide additional visual details of your products. So consider using a secondary hover image to showcase your products in lifestyle or unique details of them, which can increase the likelihood of making a purchase.

Hovering over products to reveal secondary images can be engaging and fun for users. It encourages interaction with your website and keeps visitors exploring. 

4. Show estimated delivery date at product detail page 

Instead of showing the estimated delivery date at checkout, I suggest adding it right at the product detail page because knowing the shipping information before checkout can affect the buying decision. It allows customers to choose products based on their urgency or timeline, which can lead to more informed and confident buying choices.




5. Always using 3-5 images of products from multi angles or use cases

As I can notice, all the products in your stores now are displayed from only 1-2 images, and lack model images, which are very essential in fashion e-commerce. Model images showcase products in a visually appealing and relatable way. Seeing a product on a model provides context and helps customers visualize how it might look when worn. So it is important that you can add various product images to get a better conversion rate.

PageFlyKate_3-1700550893260.png6. Don’t miss out on the holiday season!

Make use of the holiday season, like upcoming Christmas to increase your sales. 

  • Create a Christmas-themed landing page which highlights exclusive deals and provide a cohesive holiday experience for visitors.
  • Get the most of the countdown timer: Use countdown timer for limited-time offers or flash sales to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions.




That’s all of my feedback. Hope it will help you grow your business better. Feel free to reach me in the reply section if you need further discussions. Wish you luck and endurance on your entrepreneurship journey! 



Kate | PageFly Team 

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Hi @kareydesigns 

Congratulations on launching your own website. 

Great feedbacks have been given by our fellow partners.

I just wanted to remind you to work on SEO as well.

I checked and found out you have not have any kind of analytics implemented, so I would definitely recommend to implement GA4, so that you have clearer picture of traffic, acquisition etc.

Starting with analytics, you can go through increasing ranks on Search, and go for customer acquisition techniques as well.

Hope this information helps you.