How can I increase sales and email sign-ups for my new fashion accessories store?

How can I increase sales and email sign-ups for my new fashion accessories store?

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I recently started this store' I'm focusing on fashion accessories. I've used some Instagram ads and I've had traffic come in but I haven't had any said or email sign-ups! What can I do to help this? Are there any general tips anyone has?

~Ts Fashion Store
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Hi @TsFahion , Garcia from the landing page builder app PageFly here!


Regarding your new store, congratulations! I have some suggestions that might help you increase your conversion rate (CRO).


Regarding for your Homepage, you may want to follow this checklist:

1. High-Quality Imagery

Use high-quality images that showcase your fashion accessories. Multiple images from different angles and on models, if possible, can help customers get a better idea of your products.



2. Prominent CTAs

Use clear and prominent calls-to-action (CTAs) that guide visitors towards making a purchase or signing up for your emails.



3. Email Sign-Up Incentives

 Offer visitors an incentive to sign up for emails, such as a discount on their first purchase or exclusive access to sales and promotions.


For example, the incentive of this store is “Become a member and save 15%”.


5. Make the most of the holiday season

For example, you can try to run these campaigns:

  • "Accessorize Your Style" Mega Sale: Offer significant discounts on a wide range of fashion accessories, from jewelry and scarves to hats and bags. Emphasize the variety of styles available.
  • "Sparkle & Shine" Flash Deals: Launch limited-time flash sales on specific accessories. Create a sense of urgency by highlighting that these deals won't last long.
  • "Complete the Look" Bundle Sale: Create curated accessory bundles that go perfectly together. Offer them at a bundled discount to encourage larger purchases.



And that's my opinion. I hope it increases your conversion rate.



Garcia | Team PageFly

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