How can I increase traffic to my new online store?

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I have just started my online store and I am struggling to get traffic on my page. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong in terms of SEO, advertising, or if my store is easy to move around. If anyone can provide some good tips I would be most grateful. My store is: 


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Hi @Tracey232,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I'd be happy to provide some guidance on how you can drive traffic to your shop, to ensure this gets resolved. To gather a bit more context, are you able to share what you're currently doing to drive traffic?


As generating traffic is a crucial part of growing your business, I'd recommend checking out this Blog Post. It touches on some essential questions that you should be asking yourself to ensure traffic converts into sales.


Additionally, it provides you with 21 different ways that you can drive sales to your online shop. It touches on running paid ads, engaging on social media, hiring influencers, and much more!


I'd encourage you to start here if you haven't already and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Blair | Shopify 
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Thank you for replying. Of course I'll currently posting on Facebook & Instagram. Using reels and creating posts. With this I have been testing adset through paid campaigns through metaverse. 

I'm not looking to get influencers just yet as I'm only starting out. I will have another look at the blog too, thank you. 

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Please elaborate? 

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If you have any tips or advice, then please elaborate. Otherwise, please refrain from spamming my inbox and now my post. 

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Hello Tracey232,


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Well SEO, unlike other digital marketing techniques, takes some time to show the results but has long-lasting impacts. Here are some suggestions for optimizing your store to attract more traffic to the store:


  1. Keyword Research: Keyword research is the core of SEO, and if done right can help the website to rank better for that keyword on the search engine results page (SERP). Some suggestions to optimize the process include:
    • Aim at understanding the intent of the searchers or your target audience
    • Use Google trends and Google predictions
    • Use keyword research tools, like Semrush, UberSuggest, Moz, Linkdex, and Wordtracker, to ascertain the competitiveness and effectiveness of the keywords.
    • Target long-tail keywords, which are highly descriptive and specific and help in targeting the right set of audiences.
  2. Optimize Site Structure: Site structure is the way content is organized on the web page. Optimizing site structure can make the content of the website more readable and help enhance the user experience on the website. Some suggestions to optimize it, include:
    • Ensure consistency of font format of heading tags
    • Systematically divide the content under different headings and subheadings
    • Add visuals to the website, like images, videos, and carousels
  3. Optimize Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and URLs: Title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs form the website snippet, and optimizing these elements can help in attracting organic traffic, and also is favored by Google’s ranking algorithm. Suggestions to optimize these elements include:
    • Add a keyword to all three
    • Limit the length of the title tag to 40-60 characters, meta descriptions to 120-160 characters, and URLs to 48 characters, as these meta tags longer than suggested characters end with ellipses and create ambiguity among the viewers.
  4. Carry Out SEO Audit: An SEO audit can help you ascertain the SEO-related errors on the website, which can be fixed and optimized to help the website improve its rank.
  5. Optimize Images: Optimized images rank better on SERP and help websites with improved visibility on the search engines. Suggestions to optimize images are:
    • Compress the file size of the images to reduce their loading time
    • Add alt text to explain its context to the search engine crawlers (as they cannot see the image), and users (if the image takes too long to load)
    • Add a keyword to the file name and alt text of the images
  6. Enable Rich Snippets: Rich snippets helps in optimizing the website snippet by helping it to stand out on the results page, which improves the click-through rate of the website and organic traffic on the website. You can add: 
    • Product Markup Snippet (Product names, descriptions, availability, count, SKU, URL, etc.),
    • FAQs Snippet,
    • Homepage Snippet,
    • Review and Rating Snippet, etc.
  7. Optimize Page Speed: Good page speed improves user experience and optimizes the crawling process of search engine crawlers, which can improve the ranking of the website on SERP. You can optimize page speed by:
    • Compressing the images
    • Removing unused and unnecessary JavaScript and CSS
    • Using a light-weight Shopify theme
    • Implementing AMP for reducing website’s loading time on mobile devices
    • Implementing lazy loading for advertisements
    • Reducing the number of redirects
    • Using GZIP to compress JavaScript and CSS
    • Enabling Browser Caching
  8. Fix Broken Links: Broken links hamper user experience and also hinder crawling, which negatively impacts the ranking of the website. Thus, identify all the broken links on the website and fix them by redirecting the traffic to the right location.
  9. Submit XML Sitemap: XML sitemap shall be submitted to the Google Search Console, which makes it easy for search engine crawlers to easily crawl and index all the pages on the website. 
  10. Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics allows the users to calculate necessary metrics related to the website, which can help the users make effective data-driven decisions. Benefits of using Google Analytics include:
    • Measure the performance of the website
    • Understand the audience, their demographics, and interests
    • Determine the target audience
    • Get new ideas and determine areas of improvement in the website.
  11. Link Building: Link building is an important SEO process, which helps the website to improve its credibility and visibility on search engines. Some suggestions to get backlinks include:
    • Creating high-quality content that people wish to share
    • Guest posting on blog posting website
    • Approach the business associations to request backlinks
    • Collaborate with suppliers/distributors/partners
    • Encourage your customers to post testimonials on different digital platforms
    • Use social media for backlinking
  12. Enhance Social Media Engagement: Enhancing social media engagement may help you to create a personal and trustful relationship with your target audience, which can help you to attract them to your website and purchase the products.

Hope it helps!



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You don't have enough copy/text based on your niche.
Unorganized UI design
Product page is not optimized enough.

Focus on the store, don't waste money on ad.

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