How to determine if my fashion business is establishing well?

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Hi Everyone

Just after some opinions. I have been open for about 4 mths now. I have made about 30 sales. It is a fashion business. Some times its still maybe 5 days between sales. I know there are a lot of variables when it comes to businesses but I was wondering how do you know when you are just establishing your business or if there is something wrong with your website? 

I get on average 70 views a day . I pay for advertising. I do not really get ROI there yet. Everyone tells me my website looks great even strangers. I was just hoping someone had some advice about how long it can take to establish? How to better you chances of sales? Just anything along these lines. I have no idea if I am doing well? 

Thanks for your time. 🙂 

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Could you provide a link to your online store for some feedback as to whether there are issues with your website?

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Would love to take a look at your site! Could you please post your link?

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