How to prevent express check-out from overriding customer information?

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This is an issue our customers get in touch about everyday without fail and we are unable to find a solution.


When a customer uses an express check-out - PayPal, ShopPay or Apple pay.  The information they have already filled out such as delivery address/billing in shoplift is overridden by the express check-out. 


In my opinion, I think it's fairly obvious this would be the case when using express check-out and making sure the information is correct on PayPal/apple/shop pay. It may be our customers aren't quite familiar with the process (older generation) but we get so many complaints/emails regarding this and it is eating into our admin costs.


Does anyone else experience this? Or can recommend a solution, I was thinking perhaps a pop-up on check-out to remind customers to check their details, etc.

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