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I need your feedback on my store & help improving conversion

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I have had 752 visitors just today with no purchase. My conversion rate looks like this: 8 added to cart,4 people went to checkout, nobody bought something. I have spent more than $300 on Facebook ads. I have a CTR that's around 1.5-2% with fb ads my conversion rate is awful. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback to improve my sales, and possibly my marketing strategy because i feel like i am spending all kind of $ for nothing. I cannot keep doing this everything. Any kind of feedback or constructive criticism will be appreciated. My website is :

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Welcome to the shopify family, it's really good to see your store and it will go better in future too.Reduce friction in your checkout process

So, you’ve been able to draw traffic to your website with the help of other promotions.


But you’re still having trouble getting those visitors to buy something. What’s wrong? Perhaps your checkout process is not optimized.


Get rid of unnecessary steps. Once a visitor decides they want a product, you need them to be able to complete the purchase with just a few clicks.

One of the suggestion for you is you can use the application named Descrii.


Descrii, Description Generator generates unique and great quality product descriptions, which increases the trust of the visitors and adds a sense of professionalism to your store.


Here the link is -