Is Shopify POS good for a new butcher shop?

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Hi all,


Our team is opening up a new butcher shop soon and we are interested in using Shopify POS for our retail side. I was hoping there might be a few others using the software for the same or similar applications and could provide us with some user experience feedback. It can be difficult to find the right software to use and we would like to make a well informed decision before moving forward with any system. Any feedback you all could provide would be greatly helpful.



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Good questions!

I would recommend a couple things to try and make the experience as seamless as you can.

Shopify POS on it's own can easily enable good reporting and the ability to sell and checkout easily, and with being a Butcher, I'd likely suggest a couple apps to make the whole process a bit easier.

- Freshly Batch 
This app allows for easy batch tracking - this way if you get inventory that is fresh, you can put it in via a batch and track it's expiration date. This way you can easily track those, and automatically have a small discount applied after a set period of time. Might be worth a look depending on your inventory turnover.

- Sell Products by Weight
This one is kind of self-explanatory, but it would allow you to sell a specific weight of a product and charge it accordingly. So if you sell a 4x Sirloin steaks @ $X.XX per pound, you can input the weight you get from your scale and charge it accordingly. 

Other than that though, Shopify POS is a great choice for a POS and eventually if you ever plan on expanding and opening additional locations - it really sets you up to have staff management, inventory control, the ability to sell online (if you need) and have it all under one umbrella. There's nothing worse than trying to copy/paste reports and data from like 4 different systems and putting it together at the end of each month, haha.

If you ever needed any help getting that setup or wanted to talk more about it when the time comes - let me know!

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We use an older scale and the app price embedded bar code really helps.