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Just launched my store - what can be improved?

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Hey guys,

I just launched my new store and would love to get some feedback! I know it's not perfect and would appreciate any tips to make it better 🙂


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @hakamount,

Hyde here from Shopify. Welcome to the platform!

Congratulations on taking the step to build and launch a store, it's no mean feat and you've done a great job. I do have some feedback and tips that I believe will help.

First off, you're selling a single product, which means you have a narrow focus that needs a lot more content to support and market it. So you need to establish yourself as an authority in your area - what do you know about your product? What can you share with your potential customers? How do you see it improving the world?

Secondly, because you are selling a supplement, you will need to feed your visitors with knowledge and reasons to trust your product. Foreground what its ingredients are, case studies, customer reviews, expert analysis, and feedback, and so on.

So here are 3 strategies for improving the user experience for you to look at, and a great post about eCommerce UX. And here are 11 ways to step up your content marketing game and what to consider when marketing to millennials. The main takeaways are obvious, and I find myself recommending this all the time:

More than that, have a look at what others are doing in your industry. There's a report by ConsumerLabs here on supplement brands in 2020 that might interest you.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

All the best, Hyde.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @hakamount 

I just had a look at your store. Here is my feedback

1. Add a video on your banner section. The video can play in a pop-up or can run behind your main banner caption. The video should inform about your supplement as well as useful information on why your audience needs it. I would suggest following a slice of life/problem-solution approach to make an impact.

2. Add some more sections to your homepage informing about your product's benefits and the latest happenings in that industry.

3. As suggested, do add a blog page and share weekly articles on it. This will help with your website SEO performance.

3. Since you are selling a single product. It is recommended that you integrate some in-store marketing tactics to extract your visitors' emails, and you should be able to connect with them to answer their queries and give them customized offers. I would suggest you try integrating the Sales Pop up the app by CareCart to establish social proof in your store. This activity will help you by showing recent sales notifications to your new store visitors.

4. Also, integrate Spin a Sale discount widget to your website to offer them discount codes.

5. Add Facebook live chat widget so that you can interact with your visitors and answer their queries right away.

6. Social platforms are essential for your product. Keep sharing interesting content on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to keep your audience updated about the latest happenings in the product's industry and your offers.

The bottom line is to work on this store's interactivity in order to connect directly with your audience to get conversions ultimately. Good Luck

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@Ali-92 @Andrew thank you both for the feedback, really appreciate it and will start working on some of the points mentioned!