Looking for feedback on my new (second) store

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Hi all,


I have created a second store which doesn't have any sales yet. My first store targets (and generate many sales in) my home country. I have opened my second web shop because I wanted to target the US. I tried different marketing options like Facebook, Instagram and Google shopping ads. But where my first store makes many sales each month (2k euro average each month), my second store doesn't.

I get traffic on my new web shop, but it doesn't generate any sales. If anyone could help me out with some useful feedback i would be very thankful.


Best regards,


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Hi @walkinfridge

Have seen your store and it's amazing. 

At first, I just want to give you some praises:

- Your products are amazing and you show them intuitively. Perfectly. 

- The logo is standing out for other sections. Great. 

- The sticky menu is cool but still have some problem, I will talk about it later. 

And now, here are some suggestions of mine for you:

- About a sticky menu, it would be great if when I click on the catalog, I still see the Home option. You know what I mean, right?

- I remember I've seen this theme one time, and I know it's hard to light the texts in the red border. And also, you can try to add a CTA button. 

And the text in the product pages, it's good if you can consider changing. 


- You can add Quickview buttons to allow your customers to see more product details and buy products faster. 


- Have seen your Instagram and maybe you can consider having an Instagram gallery for your site. 

Check this app: Shoppable Instagram Gallery. It will also help you make a shoppable gallery. Free and very user-friendly. 

- I think you need to edit the texts "Reason one" and "Reason two". Go straight ahead to the main reasons. 


And also I see you have many contents about your products and store, so having your own "About Us" section is suitable. 

- Maybe you can consider having live chat support to improve your customer service. 

Here is my view. Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 





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Hello @walkinfridge,

I'm Victor, Marketing manager at PageFly page builder. I've checked your store and the design is awesome. I believe because you already started 1 business then there is not much to comment here.

However, you said you wanted to focus this store on the US market, so the biggest change you can do here is to change the currency from EUR to US Dollar. You can use currency converter to switch between or if you really focus only in this US market then just simply change to US $$.

Edited: So I actually scrolled down and see you did put the currency converter at the very end of your footer >>>> Recommend to highlight it by putting it on your menu header.

And for a global shopping site, adding a Refund policy would increase much more trust to your first-time buyers in US, you should add it right on every of your Product pages.

About Us page is important too, it increases your site credibility.

Hope this piece of suggestion can help!


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Thank you for your feedback. I went ahead and already made a few changes. I have looked at my product descriptions and this will need some time to be fixed.


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Hi Victor,


Thank you very much for you feedback. I will have a look at the refund policy and the about us page.




Best regards,



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Hi @walkinfridge 

Just had a look at your store. The Store looks fine with some minor tweaks required in my opinion however your major concern is lack of conversions. If you are getting traffic but they are not converting them into sales then this can either due to irrelevant traffic or they are not feeling the expected value on the store. You can make adjustments to your ads to see if any change happens, apart from that I would highly recommend you to use email marketing strategy in your store. You should capture the visitors' email ids so that you can send notifications, reminders and customized offers to your potential customers.

Moreover, add a Facebook chat widget at your store to target your potential customers. You can try CareCart to apply these strategies. 

Apart from that, focus on the organic posting on your social platforms as well and eventually, your product will start to get more exposure. Share content related to the latest trends as well as news stuff on your product's industry. 

As far as the store is concerned, I believe that your logo should be more clear currently its less readable. See screenshot below


Moreover, add your logo in the profile picture of your YouTube channel.


Also, add a blog page to your website and share weekly/bi-weekly articles. Post that blog on your Facebook page and then boost it. This will attract traffic also the blog strategy will help your Google rankings and SEO in the long run. Good Luck



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