Looking for feedback on our store

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Our store is https://www.jumponthevape.com 

We are looking for feedback on the store, and if you have any suggestions or services for us to consider, then we would be happy to hear any proposals. 



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Hi @Jumponthevape 

Just had a look at your store. Its wonderful, Congratulations on making a really outstanding store. I would just give two suggestions based on your services query. I believe that your store must have a social proof integration that can show recent sales notifications to your new visitors. This will help in building social proof for your products. For that, you can try Sales pop up from CareCart.

Moreover, add a stock countdown mechanism in the store that can tell your visitors the amount of time in which the stock will run out. This sense of urgency will also add value to the store and will increase your sales.

As far as the website content part is concerned, it's quite comprehensive but it would be great if you make a room for a marketing video in there as well. The marketing video will add value to your store and will captivate your visitors at first glance. Good Luck

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