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Looking for trustworthy-ness feedback on our very new site.

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We're new to e-commerce (Covid19 has collapsed out normal trading).  We've on the edge of starting paid advertising.  Without traffic were nervous our site doesn't look professional or trustworthy.  We want to make all traffic count.

Note we've a UK VAT registered business.  We have trade and public customers so our prices must be VAT transparent.

Previous work has been bespoke commissions.  So a complete and transparent product structure is something we've been struggling with.  We've used 'Advance Options' app to give maximum options to the customer.  Has this just hidden what were selling ??

All constructive feedback would be most welcomed. 

Thanks in advance


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Hello @AndySki 

I just had a look at your Store, it is really amazing.

Online store owners don’t have to worry about marketplace rules that limit what they can include on product pages or in communication to buyers. Merchants with stores should take advantage of this control by offering incentives to buyers. Whether it’s a pop-up discount at your store’s homepage or a promotional email about an ongoing sale, sellers should actively reach out to buyers with different types of incentives to make purchases.

Merchants should use data-driven tools  to segment their customers and target incentives at different buyer groups. For example, you might send an email offering a discount on a first purchase to site visitors who visited product pages but never completed a purchase.

Do you know about the description generator application, Descrii it comes with the dual benefits. It creates quick and valuable product description, which also includes high volume SEO keywords.


I hope you are gonna try it for the ones and like it.