Need feedback on my online store, can you help?

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My shop has been up and running for a little while now. I had someone from Fiverr complete SEO optimizing and have been researching and changing many things to optimize my store and have not had any sales. I would highly appreciate some shop critiques to take a look at my page and would encourage others to please go take a look at my products to see if anything interests you and let me know why/why not! Shop & critique away friends!!

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Hi @SeganNP 


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Help Center/Ticketing System App


I've taken a look at your store. Overall, it's quite good. However, there are couple of things I believe could make the store sale-convert better. Please check out those points:


1. Homepage

1.1 Hero Section



- Your logo is unnecessarily big, a logo on web header should only about 30-50px. (yours is 120x120)


- Make your header sticky (when you scroll down, it follows). It would make your visitors browse the store more easily, encourage them to spend more time on. Better the engagement, higher chance of selling 😊


- The most important part of homepage is the hero section (the section under the header). Please check these points to make the hero section better:

+ Hero Image: Choose a hero image that indicates better what your store is selling. Right now at the first look I'm not quite understand what you are selling. Customers might bounce immediately if they don't know what they gonna get.

+ Heading content: The heading content is quite vague, try something more straight-forward. It would make visitors know what they would get

+ The sub-heading content: It is still a mockup/placeholder content -> please change that cause it would make visitors think they are browsing a mockup store, not a real store


Below is an example of a good hero section: 



1.2 Homepage layout


A home page is the front page of a book. Its objective is to hook visitors into wanting to explore more about your products. Currently, your store layout needs constructing better to do that. Now you have 2 main sections all do the same one thing which is redirect potential customers to other pages. Try doing these things to make the homepage layout better:


+ Add a product listing section under the hero section (to showcase your products)

+ Place your collection section (you currently have two of that) under. A better approach for this is listing some sale collections and ordinary collections 

+ Add testimonial/review section

+ Add an 'About Us' Section


2. Product Page

- Make the Product image section looks more "compressed" (rather than being too lengthy like right now).

Good example:



Product page should have more content in it for example you could make some sections under the main product area listing some of its unique selling points/how they resolve customers pain-point.



Good example:



3. Support

MooseDesk_6-1706499115204.png  MooseDesk_7-1706499163548.png


(Sorry in advance if my test bugs your support team.)


So a very important in creating great user/customer experience is designing a place where customers can easily ask about your product or feedback their experience. There are some recommendations for you in terms of that:

- When I test out, there's no auto-reply response that tells me about your work hour. You might add something like that so that visitors know when they can expect an answer, right now it returns none to my message

- You can prepare some of the FAQ so customers can get immediate answers 


I would recommend MooseDesk - a support/help center/ticketing system app that could help you with those thing. You can setup an auto-reply when you are out of business hour, create a help center to help customers proactively get answers to frequently asked questions, it also has quite good layout for a widget. Most important, it's free. 😁




As an expert/enthusiast in UX, I recommend implementing these changes to improve customer experience when scrolling through your store, in turn increase your conversion rate.


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Thank you,

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