Need feedback on our pre-launch website, any suggestions?

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Hey, we would love some people to review our website and look for any flaws! We are ready for launch and will buy a custom domain soon, we are just wondering if we are missing anything.


PS: social media is in the process as well.


Store Link:

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Hey PhoneHaven,
I like your website!  You have a solid foundation to build on.

Here is some feedback:


- Hero Sub-Title - Change "welcome to NatureNook". Talk about what kind of products you sell here. "Welcome to ____" is also the lowest performing Sub-title from our A/B Tests.

- High Quality Images : Your images are low-quality. This can be distracting for the buyer. Try adding higher quality images

- Remove the Ships from "China" option unless required by law. It is not helpful for the buyer specially if they do not have a choice.

I would suggest buying your website domain and getting started.
Easy to get stuck in the building/ideation process and not moving towards the execution phase.

Best of luck!

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