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New Store Questions

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I am only 2 weeks in to my Shopify Store but any advice y'all could give me on how my website looks, I haven't received my first sale yet but I do have almost 500 sessions. Any advice you could give me for making sales would be great! I'm getting the traffic but no sales so I really need some input. Thank you in advance everyone!!

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I feel like I'm missing something. I know sales aren't going to happen right away but seriously, any advice would be awesome! When did u start getting sales? I'm also looking into getting into an eBay affiliation. The process of posting items is confusing to me!! Thanks again everyone! I'm really looking forward to everyone's help!!

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Hi @jaldesigns 

I would love to provide some recommendations for your store. 

1. Add a primary Call to Action button on the banner of the Home page

JALDesigns 2020-08-18 17-04-43.png


A primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store. With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. This really helps to increase the conversion rate for your store.


- I recommend that you should break the paragraph on the banner into another section or add more slides because currently, adding a whole paragraph without a call to action button here is not good for copywriting

2, Featured collections

JALDesigns 2020-08-18 17-08-59.png

 It's good to have featured collections on the home page so customers can immediately know which products sold in your store. But there are 2 things I recommend here

  • Put the featured collections right below the banner so when customers scroll down, they can see immediately
  • Redirect all collections to the corresponding collection pages by adding a call to action button like "Shop Now", or "Buy Now". (these buttons will be customized the same but less attractive than the primary call to action on the banner image)

3. Adding direct links for the "Return Policies" And "Shipping Infor" on the footer

JALDesigns 2020-08-18 17-14-41.png


  • Many customers want to know the return policies as well as shipping info before making purchases. And this is crucial to their decision on whether to purchase products in your store. And they are likely to find it on the footer so it's necessary to add this information. 
  • Shipping policy is important because many customers want to know the shipping options available to them before they committed to adding a product to the cart page and go to the checkout page.

Above are my recommendations for your store and it's really important to customize an attractive and unique home page to increase conversion rate.

I have a guide on personalizing the Shopify home page, check it if you are interested in it because it provides many tips.

If you feel my answer helpful, like it or mark as a solution. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!


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