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Payment Options Question

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We have been up & running on shopify for a few months now. 
When doing a little walk thru on what it looks like to purchase/cart an item, under add to cart it has yellow box "buy with Paypal" then a link to More Payment Options - When going to more payment options it has the purple "shop Pay" Back box "G Pay" & "Paypal.".. but there is not indication for Visa,Mastercard or other CCs... 
Is there something we forgot to do when setting this up?  
Please advise - any other suggestions about our website are appreciated - Thank you
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Following. I have the same issue. I can only seem to set up PayPal... and nothing else except third-party payments which I don't really want to do (yet, maybe).

I'm wondering if it depends on your country? I'm living in China (but I'm British and payments will go into my UK home account and it will eventually be registered as a British company).