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Please provide feedback on my store

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Hey there, @srikrishna! Welcome to Shopify!  

Let’s jump right in. 

First impression: I like to look at what a first time visitor would think about a store. My biggest issue is that the first impression is of a newsletter form. Remember that first-time visitors know nothing about your products yet or even what your brand is. Prompting them immediately to join an email list assumes they will become customers, when they aren’t even sure of that. I would suggest:

  1. Trigger your form to show to returning visitors or once someone engages with your products
  2. Add value to your newsletter. Do they get a discount? Recipes? What? Don’t just say “exclusive offers.” Instead, try “10% off your order” or “free shipping for our community.”
  3. Clarify your offer as well. I was confused by the “get new offers weekly” option. What am I signing up for then?

Moving on to the homepage

  • In general, make sure everything is easy to read. The orange on green is very difficult to read. 
  • Hero image: Focus on one image rather than multiple images, and keep the mages high quality and at the right ratio. The image for “A wide range of branded products.” was a little blurry. Keep it simple, clean and easy to read. 
  • Use heatmaps to see how far people scroll and where they are clicking. My guess is that they’re not clicking on the individual products, but I could be wrong. Click heatmaps will show you what visitors are actually clicking on. If they aren’t using your products from the homepage, you may want to consider removing those items. 
  • There are some grammar issues, like gerocery instead of grocery in one of the hero image or 50$ instead of $50 near your footer. Just clean it up a bit. 

Footer: Add in an FAQ page, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and a Shipping Policy. Once  these pages are set, link your green banner icons (Free Shipping, Helpline, Customer Support, Easy Returns) to the appropriate pages. 

Navigation: As I mentioned before, I would update the color from orange on green to something  that is easier to read. Even a black on green would make it easier! In general, use heatmaps to evaluate where people are clicking on your main navigation. Are there collections that they aren’t clicking on? This will help you evaluate what they’re interested in. 

Watch session recordings as well. Session recordings act like a DVR for your website, so you can see exactly what happened during someone’s visit. You’ll be able to watch your visitors navigate through your store. 

Collection Pages: For reference, I’m in the Organic collection. I love your filters, and other than removing the “24 Mantra Organic” image from the top of the page, I wouldn’t change much. Keep on eye on it with heatmaps to see if there are areas that you are needing more filters or different filters.

You could also run a poll to see what your inventory is missing. People love to give their opinions anonymously, and you can trigger it to show to everyone or just those people who have engaged with your products. You can also restrict it by geographic region, so you don’t get feedback from people outside of your delivery area.

Product Pages: For reference, I’m on the 24 Mantra Organic Moong Dal 4 lbs product page. A few things pop-out at me:

  • The description needs to be below the ordering details. 
  • I don’t think the information is right. The brand is displayed as shreekrishnastore when I see the brand is 24 Mantra Organic. The SKU is actually the price range. Little things like that could raise a question of the legitimacy of your website.
  • The size chart leads to an empty pop-up. 
  • Make the “Add to Cart” or “Buy It Now” options stand out more. I like that you have an Add To Wishlist option though.
  • Clean up your tabs near the bottom of the page. Add in the relative details (i.e., the product description or shipping details). For reviews, encourage your customers to leave reviews in any post-purchase confirmation emails. 

You have a great start to a store here, and you’re on the right track. Visitor behavior through tools like heatmaps and session recordings are going to help you find what to improve and understand how it impacts the customer experience and your sales. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

I’m the co-founder of Lucky Orange, one of the top recommended Shopify apps to grow sales. More than 26,000+ merchants use our app and have left us more than 600 5-star reviews.

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     1. About your homepage

  • Add more promotion (try to highlight it and include CTA button)
  • Add more languages to better serve worldwide customers
  • Highlight Cart button
  • Add a FAQ page, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.
  • Change the colors of these words (it's hard to see the orange words on green background)

      2. About Checkout and Payment page

  • Add more shipping and payment information including email, address, shipping fee (high/low/free), etc. and diversify them
  • Diversify Thank you note, send email/make a call to notify and give them thanks

     3. About Blog page and SEO

  • Add a blog page that helps you share more about your products and increase your site visibility
  • Add SEO related high search keywords in your title and product description to be higher rank on Google Search

       4. About your conversion rate

I hope this is helpful.


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