Ready to buy from my store? Tell me why or why not!

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Hi all!

My store has only been open for a couple months, but looking for some feedback on the site so far, first impressions and why you would want to buy from me.

Any suggestions for the layout?

Would you find it beneficial to link my Instagram feed?

Would a live chatbox benefit a product like mine?


Anything else that stands out? I'd be so appreciate. When people see my product they love it, but that's not quite reflective in the sales!


Thank you! 

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Hi @ProcessofPlay 

Your store really looks beautiful. Coming straight to your queries I believe that a Facebook live chat widget should definitely be there on your store. Its always good to connect with your audience, welcoming them, and taking their questions. Moreover, you can also send customized messages and run campaigns to win them back through the Facebook messenger marketing method.

Moreover, whatever sales you are getting. Implement sales pop up mechanism in there. This will show up recent sales notifications to your new visitors so the social proof will be established. You can try Sales pop up and Facebook live chat from CareCart to integrate these two features in your store. 

Also, add a marketing video to your homepage. A demonstration of your beautiful products. Your target audience will get value from it and videos always have a tendency to go viral so this will give you extra exposure to your products and offers. Focus on email marketing as well to win back your lost customers. You can send them email campaigns for customized offers. In the end, your store is great so be consistent with your social media platforms efforts. Share exciting content and offers time to time. Good Luck



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Hi @ProcessofPlay,

Hyde here from Shopify. Congratulations!

You've done excellent work on your site, it looks brilliant, and you've got lots of lovely content on there to establish yourself as an authority and engage your visitors.

My initial feedback might seem nitpicky, but you know what they say about the devil and details. And of course, my interest is in making your brand the best that it can be:



Do you feel that your product imagery is the sharpest it can be? If your product images aren't the clearest and most professional-looking, will it inspire trust in the product itself do you think?

That's why my first bit of feedback would be to consider taking a new line of photos yourself that are a little clearer. Of course, you could hire a local professional (which is always worth the investment) or you could learn how to do it yourself with our free guide.


Consider how you're introducing your brand. Remember, visitors want to know what the idea is and why they should keep reading. There's a pretty handy model you could follow called AIDA:



Following this model, you could make it easy for them perhaps by reordering your sections? Here's a suggestion:



Like this, you've got a dynamic moving slideshow to immediately engage visitors, followed by a welcome, and then an outline of the benefits! It's just an example to get you thinking of how you might first capture Attention, spark Interest, fire up Desire, and then call visitors to Action. 


Consider the actual typography and placement of text and images. You want everything to be legible. In this case, for example, it's hard to immediately make out the wording:



You'll want to play around with font colors and placement. There's a useful help document here for that.

Otherwise, you've done a fantastic job and should be very proud. Your website is obviously only one part of the journey your customer takes, so you'll also want to put some thought to your content marketing funnel. Here is an overview of what that funnel might look like, and another post just reiterating the importance of having a strategy.

I hope this helps, happy to answer any other questions you may have.

All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Droppersstop, that is very helpful! I appreciate the time you took to look at my site, and the feedback here. I can put these into action, thank you!

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hi Ali-92, 

Thanks for taking the time to respond and look at my site. I appreciate your kind words and suggestions! I also agree about the video and this is something I am working on producing, to get online as I think it would really help showcasing the product. I've started my email campaigns, and that is also bringing traffic to the site- thanks again! 

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Thank you SO much for taking the time to look at my shop. I've implemented the changes you mentioned and I LOVE the strategy, and your explanation of it. It makes perfect sense. The layout looks much better so far. Tomorrow my task list is to re-take all photographs as I know they will really assist in selling the product. I will action your other suggestions too, thanks a million!!!