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Recently Launched - 1k visitors but only 1 sale

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Hello Everyone! 

I would like some feedback on my store. I am getting traffic, however, the sales aren't where I would like them to be. 

Here is the link to my store:

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Hi, just had a look at your site

looking well designed so far, but feel's abit barebone

e.g your product pages doesn't have any customer reviews, you can get apps to import reviews to help sway the customers decision

-Main home age dosent have any caption/description to give a overall summery of your store/or products (as it just says Shop Now)

-Add adding more info on your project pages with social proofs (e.g. popups on whos recently viewed your store/product etc, Who bought recently, theres apps for theses too)

-Highly Recommend this one: There's apps that allow you to view recordings of your customers looking at, there's a free one called 'Better Replay' which is free. great for seeing where your customers are looking at what you could improve on

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Hey there!

I took a look and have a few notes:


- The popup doesn't come across as the most friendly, as a consumer I had a negative reaction to "new subscribers only." I would try and phrase that in a more positive, upbeat way.  "Get FREE SHIPPING when you subscribe to our newsletter!"  

- While I was looking around a second popup appeared and the exit was obscured by your announcement bar, so I couldn't close it and then it just disappeared.  Could be frustrating for shoppers. 

- I'm on a desktop, so YMMV as I cannot see the mobile version at the moment, but the navigation is so simple that it seems a horizontal bar across the top would be more user friendly on desktop. 

- I'm not sure how set you are on the product name, as you sell a single product, but if I were looking for this online I would never think to look for "workout tool" and if I saw it on a google result I wouldn't know what it was.  If I were looking for this product I would probably be searching for a waist trainer.  

Good job so far though! I love the photo you have of the girl in red jumping/running in it! 

Tripping Cherry Apparel Co
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Thank you so much for the feedback! 

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Thank you !! great feedback, making some changes now! 

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Hi there, @Taylortth!

I love the look of your store! It’s always frustrating to get traffic but no sales, so let’s just dive right in.


  • Add a favicon! 
  • Like I said earlier, I like the look of your store. It’s clean and updated! Your use of models of different sizes is excellent. 
  • Banners: Two banners is too much. Remove the second one. Consider promoting free shipping or a limited time discount instead of the healthy lifestyle guide. Link to your product page.
  • Hero image: Great job on the CTA! Test using a video of your product in motion rather than a still image. 
  • Overall, it looks and feels like a landing page more than a homepage. I would use heatmaps to see where people are clicking and how far they scroll. Do they even make it down your page? 

Whenever there is traffic but no sales, always look at visitor behavior first. Things like heatmaps and session recordings (which act like a DVR for your website) can show you where people actually go versus where you think they go. 

If I’m a visitor and interested, I see I can generally get to the products in three places:

  • The hero image CTA
  • The homepage Add to Cart
  • Through the hamburger menu 

Watch a few session recordings to see how most people get to the products. My assumption is that most people use the hero image CTA or the hamburger menu. If that’s indeed the case, I would remove the homepage Add to Cart .

Product Page
This is where I see the most issue with your site. 

  • There’s no size guide linked here. You have it under the hamburger menu - which is great - but you need to link in here as well. 
  • In your FAQ you mention it runs small - that would be great information to have on here as well. 
  • I get the image that you highlight. However, it pushes everything down so far, and it almost looks like a mistake rather than a design choice.I would move it to the left side so that you bring the ordering information up on the right. 
  • A big thing missing here is HOW to use it. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t believe I saw anything regarding how this helps a woman with her body shape. How many hours a day is it recommended? Do you have exercises to suggest that will help while someone wears it? 
  • Add in reviews here! Even though you don’t have any sales, make sure people can leave one. 
  • Don’t leave shipping to a checkout page. Consider making it free shipping or at least provide a flat rate shipping fee that can be easily accessed. At $70 though, free shipping may be expected. According to Walker Sands study, 88% of customers consider free shipping is a TOP incentive. 

Also, don’t forget communication. A live chat would be very helpful in answering visitor questions while they are still on your site. 

Overall, you really do have a great looking store here and should be very proud of the work you’ve put in. Visitor behavior will help you find ways that improve your store in a way that also boosts sales. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers -


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