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Hi to all,

My site is on the debut theme. its a small site and a work in progress, I have a list of improvements I am working through.

My question is specific to seo/google and shopify

I submitted my sitemap to google around  2 weeks ago - waited for something to show on searches.

site:  only shows the index home page  and maybe another random page. image search returns absolutely nothing current.

10 pages not being crawled in google search console - resubmitted several times over a week ago

I have enabled canonical and installed breadcrumbs to facilitate indexing 

nothing apart from my logo shows in either google or bing site: image search 

Google sitemap   submitted 16/7  last read 27th

Would anyone be able to have a look through my site code to see what fundamental issue is causing this - or are there obscure site settings that need to be addressed.


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Hi @pross  - Congrats on launching your store and sorry to hear about your indexing troubles. 

First, are you certain you're looking at the correct property in GSC? Your live site is at (a.k.a. the HTTPS, non-WWW version). If this isn't the exact property you're looking at in GSC, you should verify the HTTPS, non-WWW version and check again. 

If you are indeed looking at the correct property, it's worth pointing out that Google doesn't typically index new sites right away because it's crawling resources are limited. Your site may be amazing, but Google has no way of knowing that right now (and trillions of other pages to crawl) so your site isn't Google's priority. Over time your site will improve and your brand will grow and you'll begin to accumulate backlinks. All of this should help build trust with Google, which will in turn increase the depth and frequency of your site crawls. In the meantime, your site looks fine from an SEO perspective, so I'd focus on working through that list of improvements you mentioned and trying to earn quality backlinks from publications/bloggers in the luxury bath accessories niche.

Also, FWIW, when I do a site: search for your domain, I see 6 pages including your homepage, about page, two products, privacy policy, and returns and shipping policy. This is slightly more than you saw the other day which makes perfect sense to me. Over time Google will slowly get around to crawling and indexing all your content. Unfortunately it just takes time when you're just starting out. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but on the bright side, your SEO fundamentals look pretty good, especially for a brand new site!

Kevin Wallner // SEO & Analytics Expert
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Submit site map in google webmaster tools so that your website will be crawled. Still if not appears in google you must check in robot.txt too. If its wordpress use yoast seo.