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Spent a lot on marketing and still NOT A SINGLE SALE! Help.

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I am low on money and I have utilized most of it in marketing like Instagram, google and Facebook ads. 

My store only for US, UK  and Canada customers.

I want somebody to guide me where am I going wrong and what should I have to do to get some sales atleast to cover up my current expenses.


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Hi @DealTreat welcome to Shopify community

Hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share:

Resourceful guidance & help: Not having support or not having adequate information is a huge frustration for a lot of online buyers. Consider adding a chat plugin to your site for people to contact you while they are shopping.

In your homepage, I would suggest highlighting a few more collections (Featured Product, Best Seller, and New Arrivals) and keeping some testimonials as social proof as well. Keep in mind that the homepage should be engaging customers, but also not too cluttered which might make your customers bounce off.

Show off the products: People tend to rely on engaging visuals to help drive their purchases. Since online buyers do not have the option to experience your products in-person, it's important to draw them in with great product photos, and right now your images are of low-res and small. More on visual cues that can help make your store a better shopping experience can be read here.

4. Adding product stickers/trust badges can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. Also having graphic and personalized stickers on products will help grab the attention of customers easily and nudge them to purchase.

Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 12.55.19 PM.png

I hope this helps!



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Hey there @DealTreat Pretty nice store .. but if you're going low on budget, then you need to stop running your ads for the time being and focus on organic sources of grabbing traffic on your store! Here's what I'd like to suggest - 

1. Your logo seems to be the odd one out here! Try and come up with a different logo that can match the theme's background, or do something about it. Also, you need to add a favicon to your online store! 



2. Instead of giving shop by latest deals, why don't you have a dropdown menu where you can give a small list of products available in your store? 

3. Fonts in your footer menu are quite big and bold try and come up with soothing fonts! 

4. Your product page is quite heavy - placing such big images and buttons won't let you get the sales. Try and come up with images that are decent in size and that don't have such heavy buttons! 



For the time being, you can be concerned about social media marketing where you can grab the traffic for free! Let me know if we can be of any help to you! 

I'm from CedCommerce - a team of coders and marketing enthusiasts who help eCommerce entrepreneurs with store set-up and customizations! 

We'll be happy to assist you with any kind of customization; add-ons or planning out sales/marketing/social media strategy! 

As a Shopify store owner, you need to know the course of your journey!

It's going to help you throughout your time in the eCommerce! 

Ps. We're just a message away!

Wish you luck with your Shopify store journey! Cheers! .-. 

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! 😉
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Hi @DealTreat,

Hyde here from Shopify.

Congratulations on starting an online business, you've taken that first step!

It is important to get your conversion rate up. This is the ultimate goal of running a store, after all, to get people purchasing! There are a lot of ways you might approach this and there is no one correct method for all stores and business types. Given that, we’ve put together a whole section here on our blog that deals with optimizing your conversion rate. There’s one blog in particular here that deals with ways to increase your conversions that I would recommend.

That said, I'd also recommend having a look at your product line specifically. At the moment, your About Us page simply says "We are one of the world's leading online stores providing the most amazing deals."



As a new visitor to your store, there's nothing to tell me what your brand stands for or is about. This is because your unique selling point is purely your customer service and the prices of your products:


 The difficulty with trying to sell cheap products efficiently and with a smile is that there are other big markets and businesses that can do it cheaper, faster and with greater customer service and personalization than you can - think Amazon or eBay.

The most successful brands establish themselves as authorities in a particular niche to set themselves apart from their competitors. To do this you should pick a niche that you are knowledgeable about and curate your products around it. In a saturated market, it’s best to be specific instead of broad.

Similarly, you should aim to pick specific customers instead of trying to appeal to everyone. Successful branding involves finding and creating your own tribe. This idea was elaborated on quite nicely by Seth Godin, who explains that if you look for the average consumer with average products you will need plenty of money for paid advertising and will see average to poor results:

To build a brand you should look at having:

  • a strong, relevant name.
  • a visual identity (logo, color scheme)
  • a mission statement (what makes your brand different)
  • a target customer (who is your customer? What magazines do they read? What social media do they hang out on? Who influences their decisions? Are they high or low tech?)

There’s a great guide to creating customer personas here. And some great examples of visual identities here.

All this information will help you craft your brand's message which is going to be a big help when it comes time to create your about page. This is an essential page on any e-commerce store. It helps customers understand who you are, what you care about, and why they should trust you.

Using your mission statement you can combine this with your visual identity to craft a page that appeals to your target customer. Here's what an About Us page should contain and here's how to create one!

Once you're clearer and more specific on what you sell and why you sell it, you'll start to attract your own crowd and following, and you'll see the sales start to roll in. I hope this helps, but please do let me know if you have any other questions. 

All the best, Hyde.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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