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Still clicks but no sales

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Hi again , I changed my website to make it look more professional but I am still getting no sales. I don’t understand. My product is good and is cheap. I feel like people don’t trust it to be safe but I’ve done everything I can to make it look safe. Please could somebody help me out but please look at the website on a mobile phone as that is the layout I focus on most . Thank you .

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Hi @Weshudson123, I'm Richard, a CRO expert at PageFly - #1 Shopify Advanced Page Builder. When I review your store, good points are you have social proof and pages to increase the trust in customers like tracking page, or Return Policy. Here are some of my suggestions to make your store even more trustworthy: 

  1. Make your hero banner clearer:
    • For now, your hero banner says "Summer sale". Yes, it can trigger customers, but customers don't know what you sell yet to buy. Change your hero banner, include the products you are selling so customers know immediately when they open your store. For example: "Bluetooth Speaker on sale".
    • Also, change your background photo to something clearer. The earbuds are cut for now, which looks a bit unprofessional. Include the full picture of the product is suggested. 


  2. Add more products/ Remove blank space: I know this one depends a lot on your inventory, but having diverse products is a good way to make your page look safer and increase trust. Right now, you only have two collections, each collection only has one product, so your page has many blank spaces. You should remove those blank spaces, for example, by adding more products. Another way is you can move the earbud collection next to the Bluetooth speaker collection, each collection taking one column so the page looks more legit.Screenshot_4.png



I hope those two tricks can help. For more tricks to increase conversion rate on your landing page, you can take a look at this guide. I wish you all the best!


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Thank you for your response. I’m going to take your advice!