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Hey. I have created my Shopify store using the Brooklyn theme. I only have the apps below installed and have optimised all of my product and home page images but im still getting a really low Shopify speed score. I have tested my website on google page insights and that is also a very low score.

I am wondering if there Is anything more I can do to speed up my store was my bounce rate seems pretty high.

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My page is 

Thanks in advance for any help.




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Hey Fabian, I also ran a Google Page Speed test and it looks like you have a site optimized for desktop, but I'm guessing you're getting most of your visits on mobile. I would recommend consulting with a developer to separate the two and then implement the list of suggestions from the PageSpeed Insights. I hired someone off UpWork to do this for my store and increased the mobile load significantly which did reduce load times and bounce rate.




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@Fabian_weldon the Shopify speed score and Google PSI use the same engine (Lighthouse, a general analysis recommendation tool), so the scores are usually in the same range.

If you're using 3rd party apps, you'll likely always have a low score. It doesn't mean your site is slow, it's just how they calculate the scoring (the score on those tools is not equal to actual speed).

A score in the range of 20 - 35 is pretty standard even for an optimized site if you're using some apps that provide site engagement. Reference:

Here are some things you can do to maximize your performance:

1) Make sure you remove app code from old apps that you deleted. Shopify instantly revokes access to apps when you delete them, so if they had inserted code into your theme files, it will still be there unless you remove it. We (, the Shopify optimization team) see this all the time. To catch the low hanging fruit, we recommend reading your theme.liquid file and remove any scripts / resources you recognize as being from old apps. (make sure to do this on a backup theme so you can test before publishing).

2) Run your site through the Shopify Analyzer. That's a free tool my team built for the community - it's geared specifically for Shopify sites (to avoid the issues of Google PSI / Lighthouse that make general recommendations that may not be best suited for sites using engaging ecommerce features).

That will help you easily identify optimization issues + give recommendations how to fix them.

3) Your load speed looks pretty good from, I doubt that it's contributing to your bounce rate. I would investigate the source of your traffic and do a good conversion optimization project. For traffic, if it's not good targeted traffic, it's naturally to have a higher bounce rate. For conversion rate optimization, that's something you want to be constantly testing (A/B testing helps) and working to improve to maximize the value of your paid traffic.

4) Quick tip: I noticed you don't have a favicon (the icon in browser tab or when a user saves your site as a bookmark). I would add a logo there to make your site feel more professional + trustworthy + memorable + branded.

Good luck on your project, if you need help from Shopify experts that optimize sites on a daily basis, feel free to reach out to my team at


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Thanks so much. Thats some really useful information I will be sure to implement.

Ive managed to get my store up to a score of 34 so it is improving at least.