Traffic & Analytics and Shopify Support Issues

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Hello Everybody,

I am a new store owner and as such i'm struggling now to understand the analytics in the right way, so that i can target the right audience for me.

This message is also to the Shopify Team, whom i simply cannot find a way to contact which is madness.

I found a very disturbing the fact that i see yesterday over 110 direct visitors from USA (currently my FB add is running only for UK), which has spend 00:00:00. For me this means a false statistics and i would like Shopify to explain why is that showing, as if people do not have interest and are bouncing quickly they must have at least spent a second or two.

I hope somebody form the team will enlighten me on this, as it is extremely frustrating that you can't even contact them when having an issue.

Have a good day all!


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