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Troubleshooting checkout language

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I am trying to either remove or change text in checkout that says "usually available in 'x' days/hours. I offer pick up in store and my inventory is not ready for 4-6n weeks because it is custom made. However, shopify is requiring me to put in a "usually ready in x days" when selecting the "pick up" option. I'd either like to remove it completely, or change it to "Ready in 4 to 6 weeks". I tried changing the checkout language but it did not work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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We are looking for this as well. The "Local Delivery" section allows us to enter freeform text for the instructions, so it was odd to me that we have a dropdown of pre-defined messages for Pickup when it was launched this year. I'm hoping this was just a planning oversight and this will be updated to match the text field that was used for Local Delivery.