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Very little traffic, help me, please!!

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Hello, everyone.
I launched my store at the beginning of 2020. Since that time my store has had very very little traffic (some days, zero traffic!).
I did some paid ads on Instagram and Facebook, a bit traffic activated, and then weakens again without sales.
I was very frustrated and left the store after several attempts to improve without success.
I just decided to try again, and I reopened the store 10 days ago, and the movement is still weak.
I need help, I’d really appreciate any feedback.
This is my first online business, and I’m not sure at what point I should consider doing away with the Shopify store.

My store web. ( )

help me, please!!

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Thank you for advice and response. I hope we can communicate. I need more clarification on some points.

Thank you,

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In your case, you should focus on getting more traffic. 

You can try to get traffic from Instagram and Facebook. 

Instagram: Try to follow users, they will be noticed that you want to follow them, they will check your profiles and might follow back if interested. When your followers are higher, your post can have a large number of implement and as a result, you have traffic to your site. Obviously, you should post on this channel 3-4 times a day. Try to post on Instagram stories as well.

Facebook: Join groups that have your potential customers, try to engage on those groups. Also, keep your page update daily. Update stories on Facebook as well.

When you have more traffic, then moving to the next steps later. I will give you more advice about your site when you have lots of traffic but no sales.


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Thank you for your advice. I'll take it right away. I'll wait for the rest of your advice. Thank you

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Hi  @3Zziz85 

Welcome to the Shopify family, and congratulations on your store.

Your store looks pretty great on the first look, good job. I have a few observations to add:

  1. About us - You’ve given a nice explanation of your ideals. I would say add a human factor to it. Add pictures as well, it gives a more human touch.
  2. Your page performance is not doing well, especially on mobile devices.  This might turn of most your users who will be browsing from mobile. You should really take a look at the issues:
  3. Create your social media pages - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. These are essential for building any brand and trust for users. Once they land on your website, people will be checking around for your social media. Be sure to put up some amount of posts there as well. 
  4. I’ve written a blog around reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion (sales). It might be of help to you, linking it here.

That being said - not all traffic is equal. So there can be a few reasons for no conversions (a) You’re sending the wrong people to your website. OR (b) There are issues with your website experience.

What kind of targeting are you using on social media? Is it sending the kind of ideal prospects you want to your store? I think you should do an audit of that data.

It might be the quality of traffic or the quality of your advertising. Figure out which it is and make changes accordingly - and I think you’ll be on your way to more conversions!

I hope this advice helps out. Hoping for more sales in your store!


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Thank you for these suggestions and they will be of interest to me. Thank you

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Hi Emma Wilson

I am back again, I have had good traffic but I still need your help and advice. can you do that?
Thank you very much