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Very Slow Loading Speed

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Can any one advise how we can increase store speed?

we have compressed many images but still very slow speed.



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Hello @frontiera, I hope you are doing well! Sachin here, from the Aitrillion Team at Shopify. If you want to optimize the loading speed of your store. I will be happy to help.


Looking forward to your reply!


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@frontiera I took a look at your site and see an easy fix.

It looks like there's a "feature" in your theme that hides all the content until the page is loaded, then reveals it all at once.

Just disable that feature (contact the theme developer if you're not sure how), and your page will load normally.

You want to get content loading as fast as possible. This won't change your actual load time, but will significantly increase "perceived load time".

Other than that I see 2 main issues that are pretty easy to fix as well:

1) You have uncompressed images: (click on image compression to see the images that need to be compressed). If you're using an app to compress images, know that they can't access all your files, so some you need to manually compress. Here's a guide how to do that:

2) Use JPG for photographic images. PNG will yield the same quality but can be 2x - 5x larger in file size. From the same results above, go to the files to see the PNG files:

That tool by the way is the Shopify Analyzer, it's a free tool my team built for the community for you to easily identify what can and should be optimized on a Shopify site. If you ever need help making your site faster, that's a good place to check to see if you have issues to resolve.

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