Why am I getting no sales despite 200 visitors on my site?

Why am I getting no sales despite 200 visitors on my site?

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Hi I refined my store made the product cheaper and started running ads. I got 200 visitors but no sales. I'm going broke so please help me. In total my store has like 600 visitors but 0 sales. Also is there a way to check what my visitors are doing because non of them are even reaching the checkout page.




that's the page they land on.

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Hi @Randomdropshipp , 

This is Kate at PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder app.

Congrats on your store's progress! To further enhance its appeal and functionality, I recommend the following based on my expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).


1. Add Clear Shipping and Return Information

Elevate customer trust by detailing shipping times, costs, and return policies. This clarity can significantly reduce purchase hesitations. I suggest placing this vital information prominently in the footer for easy accessibility.


2. Engaging Product Video

As an expert in engaging online content, I suggest adding a demonstration video for the toy. This will serve as a powerful visual aid, making it easier for customers to understand the product, thereby increasing their interest and confidence in making a purchase.



3. Comprehensive Product Specifications

To assure parents of the product's safety, it's crucial to include detailed information such as materials used and safety warning labels. This not only adheres to best practices in product transparency but also boosts consumer confidence.



4. Interactive FAQs Section

An FAQs section can be a cornerstone for customer support. It's a proactive approach to address common queries related to your product. Additionally, providing a direct contact option for further inquiries can enhance customer engagement and trust. I recommend this addition as it can significantly improve user experience and reduce potential customer service issues.



Continue your excellent work and remain patient. Hope my opinions can help you in your journey. 

Best regards, 

Kate | PageFly

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  • It would help if you focused on marketing to your target audience. Maybe 95% of those 600 visitors are outside of your target market?
  • There are also apps that do track exactly what your visitors do. I know of Hotjar but there are also many other alternatives out there
  • Improve the design a bit because currently, it is far too elementary. Kate in the above reply already gave you some good ideas but there are certainly more
  • You have "31 reviews" but people will not think that those are not real. Since you are a new store and don't have any reviews use an app like Platoria, which provides you with the essence of real human reviews from different places across the Internet. It has a free plan


All the best and good luck!

All the best,

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