Why am I getting no sales despite high site traffic?

Why am I getting no sales despite high site traffic?

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I have over 1k sessions but haven’t made a single sale. Around 1% of these sessions reached checkout, I was wondering maybe there is a problem with my shipping and rate settings and that’s why there’s no sales but honestly I’m co fused what’s wrong so I would really appreciate some help.


My website: https://mycupidity.myshopify.com


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A few things I would notice as a customer:

-The homepage header is so large it looks odd, and the storefronts main banner takes a VERY long time to load (this makes customers suspicious and less likely to purchase)


-I'd recommend getting a custom domain such as mycupidity.com rather than the .myshopify domain, this will make your brand appear more professional


-Add an "about us" page or FAQ page

-Create "Policy Pages" and link to them in your footer (T&C, Shipping, Refunds etc) search engines expect this information to be available

-Add "quick-add" buttons to your product collections, it will remove one step between a customer and their purchase


Some Questions To Ask Yourself:
-Are my prices competitive?

-Why should a customer choose my brand over more well established competitors?
-Does my stores content stand out? Is it unique?

Additional Thoughts:
It looks like you are on the right track, but the store needs more content about your brand and the overall design could use some work. Hiring an expert or if you can't do that right now, some YouTube tutorials could be very beneficial. Also, I say this in a constructive way not as an insult, but it looks like AliExpress (or another dropshipping supplier) postings were essentially copy and pasted into your store. It is best to have unique, high quality images and descriptions.

I hope these tips are useful to you. Don't hesitate to reach out for help with your store!

Don't hesitate to reach out for more help with your store.
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Hi @MyCupidity ,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

I love your store’s product😍. But the overall look and feel of your store could be significantly enhanced by including images of products being used or worn by models. This is particularly important for an online accessories store, as it helps customers visualize how the items look in use and can greatly influence their purchasing decisions.

Based on my extensive knowledge in CRO, I recommend the following suggestions to improve your conversion rates.


1. Adjust header size

Currently, the header appears to have excessive space and a significant amount of blank area. You can reduce the size of the header by going into the theme settings and adjusting it to be smaller.


2. Add store favicon

Normally, adding a favicon to the tab where your store's website is displayed can help make your store look more professional and trustworthy. This small detail can make a big difference in how customers perceive your store.


3. Adjust hero banner

Since the discount is only available 'today', implementing a countdown timer would be an effective way to create a sense of urgency and encourage prompt action from customers.



4. Change product details display

You can consider switching product variants to color swatches. Customers can easily compare different colors without navigating through text-based menus, making the selection process faster and more user-friendly. And with color swatches, customers can quickly scan available options, reducing the overwhelm that can come from reading through a list of color names.

Additionally, enhance the prominence of the product price and sale badge to make them more noticeable.


You can check this sample layout for preference:


5. About MyCupidity section

The content in the 'About Us' section is currently quite lengthy. Consider optimizing this content by shortening it and changing the layout. Displaying it alongside images can make the section more visually appealing and engaging for customers.

Like this:



6. Your Valentine campaign

 I have some extra recommendations to make your store more distinctive and successful during this special season. You can create special sections for Valentine's day, such as:

Discounted Bundles: Create bundles of products and offer them at a lower price compared to buying each item separately. This approach not only provides value for money but also encourages customers to buy more, perceiving it as a better deal.

Valentine-Themed Bundles: Design and offer Valentine-themed bundle packages. Ideas can include "buy one, get one free" offers, special discounts for couples, or curated gift sets for two. These themed bundles cater specifically to the festive spirit of Valentine's Day and can attract customers looking for thoughtful, ready-made gift options.

Google Ads Campaign for Special Deals: Utilize Google Ads to advertise your Valentine's Day promotions. This can effectively reach a wider audience, particularly those actively searching for Valentine's Day gifts and ideas, thereby increasing your store's visibility and customer base.


I hope my suggestions will provide you with valuable insights.

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team

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  • Regarding design, there are quite a lot of improvements to be made. The current design is too much "basic Shopify design". If you want to get serious with this, hire a Shopify designer - those are sometimes relatively cheap
  • I would mostly focus on marketing to the right audience. Your target market is probably very broad and this is bad. Think about where your potential customers live and target them
  • For social proof, since you are a new store and don't have reviews, try using an app like Platoria that provides you with real reviews even if you currently have none - it's free for up to 3 products


All the best,

All the best,

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Thank you so much everyone for the insightful feedback. I definitely understand what I need to do now to improve my site. This is much appreciated!