Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my online health and beauty store?

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I have very recently started a shopify store selling health and beauty products. I am brand new to selling items online like this and am very much learning as I go. I love the look of my store but I must have done something wrong along the way as I am getting traffic from Ads and such but noone is buying. I have so far had zero sales and according to google analytics I have had around 600 visitors. If anyone could check my website and give me some feedback, I would really appreciate it!

Website link: - The Beaut Verse – TheBeautVerse

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Your site is lovely, looks much more professional than mine!

To my eye, shoplifty images are uncomfortably large.  Setting 3 images to a row might improve that.  Take into consideration that I am an old broad, so young eyes, young tastes, could see it differently. 

That issue should not stop sales.   I assume you have been through your check out process and looked for glitches and looked at analytics for other clues such as shopping carts filled but not purchased.   

I did not compare prices.  If yours are high, that could be a problem.  If they are lower than suggested retail or other store's prices, the "compare at" feature to show discounting may help.

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Hi @JayHallDesign , 

This is Ricardo from InventoryHero app, I was reviewing your site and it has a great design overall, great job! 

I actually have some recommendations to make that might be helpful for you: 

  • When you first access to the site in desktop version there are huge banners which feel a little overwhelming, also the menu header looks very short in comparison with those banners 1.png
  • Whenever you add one product to Cart, then a panel is displayed (Cart) at the left side of the screen, at the bottom of this section there is the Checkout button which barely can be noticed unless user hovers over it 4.png
  • Product description has too much text, instead you should try to use a more friendly font and also try to summarize as much as possible because you don't want users get bored while reading. 3.png
  • When it comes to mobile version you need have the menu at the top of the screen always, otherwise the user needs to scroll all the way up to reach the menu 2.png

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