Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my online store?

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Hi everyone🤗,


I created my store about 2 weeks ago. I've designed most of the products myself and have used POD for majority and have found some nice jewellery from a drop shipping supplier. I'm planning on adding new products, and expanding current ranges.


My website is: mymeaningfulmoment.co.uk - - I would really appreciate any constructive feedback on this as I've had nearly 700 views and not one sale. 😞 I've been advertising on Pintrest and Instagram and have received quite a bit of traffic from there, but no conversions.


TIA! 🙂 

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Hi @Natkat23,


  • You have too much email subscribe blocks on homepage. Remove that block at the top of your banner, move welcome section below banner section. 
  • You must design logo for yours store, add favicon.
  • Change background color of add to cart button.




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Thanks Dan - I appreciate the insight!   I did design a logo, but appreciate it might be a bit lost. Will come up with something a but more stand-out. 

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Hello @Natkat23,

Greetings from flareAI app helping Shopify merchants get $6Million+ in sales from Google Search, on autopilot! I am Gina, and I am here to help.

After examining your store, I found some improvements you can make that could increase your sales.

1. Add favicon to help visitors locate your page easier when they have multiple tabs open. Also it will add overall branding consistency and their absence might be seen as unprofessional.
2. Add product reviews as most of the customers read the review before purchasing the product. Even sometimes by reading reviews, customers may look to understand whether your product will suit their particular situation and make the decision to purchase the product.
3. Display store's contact info like phone number, email address, and office address in the Contact Us page.
Contact – My Meaningful Moment 2023-03-28 02-34-25 (1).png
4. Testimonials are a good way to increase the trust and will influence the purchasing decision. Also, provide the customers' full name, and profile photo of them to add authenticity and credibility.
5. Create a Facebook account for your store. Having a Facebook Store is a great way to grow your business, allowing you to tap into new audiences and gain more customers.
6. Add more detailed filters in collection pages to help your visitors narrow in on the specific product they're looking for and find products they might be interested in based on certain features (e.g. size, color, category)
Elegant Earrings – My Meaningful Moment 2023-03-28 02-36-38.png
7. Add average ratings for each product
Including both user rating and number of ratings on the products will help users to make decision whether to buy your product or not.
8. Add sticky header
Adding sticky header allow users to quickly access the navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements without scrolling up to the top of the page. They increase the discoverability of the elements in the header and the chance that users will take advantage of them.
9. Add Blogging in the store
Blogging is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO. The more your blog, the more content the search engines have to crawl and index. This means they can easily recognize that your site is a resource of information for people to access.
10. You already have a newsletter section in the footer. So consider removing this from the header section.
My Meaningful Moment 2023-03-28 02-32-35.png

Hope this is helpful


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Hi @Natkat23

Congratulations on leaving the corporate world, on having two daughters, and on managing to start your very own store! It's an inspiring story and exciting to see your passion translated into beautiful designs.

My immediate feedback would be about the user experience (UX) of your store. I feel like it does not do your brand justice for several reasons:

1) Visuals. Your product line is highly visual, so pictures should be the most important language on your website. You need stripped-back text on your homepage, reserved for dedicated pages, meaning that you avoid chunks of prose like this:

2) Similarly though, don't forget that you need beautiful pictures and images on your pages too:


A picture speaks a thousand words, so don't be afraid to cut back on the words and let the picture speak for itself. Have you looked at our guide for product photography?

3) Also, consider user accessibility on your store. A lot of people identify as being vision-impaired, and a lot of those people are likely looking at your website on a small screen on their phone. So opt for bigger text and more accessible buttons. And try to stop the changes in the size of text and image from being too dramatic:


Here's a series of UX laws that I highly recommend you look at. But I would also normally recommend that you find a store that you like and can draw inspiration from.

We've got a case study of a homeware store called Rokos in our How to Sell Homeware guide that you could look at and emulate, for example!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.