Why are customers reaching checkout but not completing purchases?

Why are customers reaching checkout but not completing purchases?

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Hey! I started a store literally yesterday built around one product, a portable handheld fan. I paid for tiktok ads after ensuring the website looked nice enough and was all set up; I got around 800 visits to my store during the day, 15 people added to cart and 16 reached checkout but nobody went through with it and paid? Shipping is FREE and there are no added taxes or fees after you check out. I'm really confused as to why this could be the case and wondered whether there are some incorrect settings I have that mean payments can't be properly processed. Thanks for the help in advance! This is my store for reference.


- Kaiiven

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Hey @Kaiiven , 

Here you are some tips to solve the issue:

  • Verify your payment setup.
  • Build trust by giving trust badges and also implementing customer review.s 
  •  Make the checkout process as simple as possible.
  • Display pricing information clearly.
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