Why is my new online store not making any sales?

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I just created my online store about two weeks ago, I've had about 150-400 daily sessions and I've been doing facebook ads, but I still haven't made any sales. I'm open to any advice and feedback and would really appreciate anything you have to say about my website, thank you!

 Link: https://browarddesigncenterpompano.com/

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Hi Logan-Molineux, that sounds frustrating! Could you please share the link to your online store? 🙂 

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I'm getting a lot of traffic to my site, only about one a day of added to cart or made it to checkout, I don't have a lot of products listed I'm wondering if I had more of a variety that maybe I would get more sales?


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Hey Logan, it's because your product pages are not optimized for conversion. Here's what you can do to optimize and boost your conversion rate:

  • add social proof (very important). There are no reviews or testimonials, and it's impossible for buyers to actually leave a review. I highly recommend you install a review app.
  • add value proposition above the fold.
  • list 3 or 5 benefits for each product with a check mark. Do this above the fold so it's impossible for the visitor to miss.
  • make your add to cart button stand out. You need a strong call-to-action. Right now it has a white background which makes it blend in with the rest of the page. The button needs to stand out. Pick a color that is the opposite of your brand color and that's not found anywhere else on your page. Green, orange, and red call-to-action buttons convert best.
  • add payment icons under the buy buttons. I don't know why but Shopify themes place those icons in the footer by default. Most people won't scroll all the way down there. It's easy to move them up and I can show you how to do this.
  • add trust seals to instill trust in buyers. You can add things like:
      - money-back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee
      - returns accepted
      - SSL secure
      - secure checkout
      - free exchanges
      - 24/7 customer support
  • create a sense of urgency/scarcity. You can do this by adding things like "low in stock", "available now", and "selling fast" with a lightning icon.
  • add FAQ section and answer 5-10 questions. I recommend answering product-specific questions as well as generic questions about shipping, returns and refunds, exchanges, etc. Think from the buyer's perspective. You can also see what questions your competitors have answered.
  • add a 3-step journey. It explains how the visitor can get the product and what benefits they get out of the purchase. I can show examples of this.

Let me know if you need help with this. You can find two examples of high-converting product pages on my website

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Hi @Logan-Molineux


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - All-in-one Shopify Ticketing System App


Congratulations on the opening of your store! It's truly impressive, and I can see the dedication you've poured into its creation. While it's already great, I do have some suggestions to help make it even better. Here are a few of my recommendations for better customer experience, if you don't mind taking a look.


1. Highlighting your brand features


While browsing your store, visitors will not only evaluate the product features, but also the value propositions, brand's policies and trustworthiness of your business. The lack of clarity towards any of these concerns can result in premature abandonment, thus negatively affecting the conversion rate.


  • Value proposition can be a short list or statements that communicates who you are and what unique benefits, values that your products offer to the customers. 





    You can add the value propositions right after the list of feature products.


  • What are your policies that buyers need to be mindful with? For example, money-back guarantees, delivery terms, secured checkouts, etc.





     You can add the brand's policies at the beginning or the end of your page.


  • Testimonials with actual statements from real customers on what they have said about your products would be great to acquire trust for your store.





2. Promotions


Every customer loves promotions or discounts and displaying them clearly would have higher chance to drive their purchasing decision. I can see that you do offer discounts for your products but the sales section is hard to be identified on the navigation bar. 




Instead, we can create a separate eye-catching hero banner dedicated for your promotion programs.







3. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


One of the biggest reasons for a visitor not converting into a buyer is unanswered questions or a thirst for more information. By including a well-developed FAQ section, based on the common questions your customers might ask, you can bridge that gap.





4. Customer support


I notice that you have a "Contact us" section, which allows users to reach out to you via email. However, that section is again, hard to be identified on your navigation bar. To allow users to quickly submit their questions, concerns, or feedback, you should a help widget where users can have an option to initiate a live conversation or submit a ticket via email channel. This widget is usually located at the bottom left corner of the page and it can be easily accessed by the users.   






By the way, if you are also looking for a ticket management system, you can give MooseDesk a try. MooseDesk is currently FREE for all early birds with 24/7 dedicated support, which would help you answers all the questions and explain why MooseDesk is suitable for your business. 



So those are my recommendations for your store. Hope it brings you some new insights.


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Once again, thank you! 






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Hi @Logan-Molineux ,


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

Congratulations on your new store! It looks amazing and it's clear you've worked hard on it. I'd love to share some suggestions as hereby:


1. Add favicon to your store

A favicon is key to making your store easily recognizable and standing out to customers.



2. Adjust hero banner section

  • Reduce height for hero banner section: ​​To ensure this section fits within a single screen, you can decrease its height


  • Adding a short description to the hero banner: It provides an opportunity to communicate your store’s unique value proposition or the main message you want to convey to your customer
  • Highlight CTA buttons: The hero banner is the first element users see, making it a prime location to prompt action. Highlighted CTAs here provide an immediate call to action

3. Adjust product list

  • For the best clarity, ensure that the product title and price in the product details are aligned correctly, both on desktop and mobile views. Following this, enhance the visibility of the title and price by enlarging their size and incorporating vibrant colors.


You can check this image for reference:


  • Avoid blank space on the page: Please review this section, and you can consider adding more products to this product list:



4. Prepare for holiday campaign

Elevate your holiday sales with tailored approaches for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving:

  • Emphasize your holiday gift wrapping feature both on your site and during the checkout.
  • Explore providing a special rate for gift wrapping during the festive period.
  • Advertise your time-sensitive deals and gift wrapping amenities on social platforms and in your email updates.
  • You can check this image for reference:



These are some suggestions for improving the design. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Best regards,

Kate | PageFly Team


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You need to convey what you sell and who for in the first few seconds a user visits your store. I'd suggest a hero image that features your best selling products more clearly (lose the wine and greenery!). Add a hero message like "Unique hand made homewares from Indonesia" and a call to action button above the fold. Hope that helps.

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Hey there, @Logan-Molineux!


I can see that you've gotten a bunch of input from the Community here already, that's great to see!


I'd like to share some general tips here that might help you to improve those sales numbers.


The first would be on ways to drive more traffic to your store, to try to get those numbers up from hundreds to a thousand or more per day.


Then, you can check out ways to improve your conversion rate optimisation here, to get more of those visitors converting into customers.


Finally, for now I'd look into how you might be able to use a call to action in your store to get people clicking on their way to the checkout.


Take a look at the resources here to see which tips you might be able to apply for your store!

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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